stupid diet

I’m doing the Fat Flush Diet this week. This is actually day 7. It’s my way of competing in the office Fat Loss Competition – whoever loses the biggest % of their body fat, wins. Most of my colleagues are using the P90x Beach Body Workout for this. I’m using the EA Wii Fitness Challenge and the Only Diet That Has Ever Worked For Me.

Of course, I’m struggling tonight. I’m exhausted, so I want nothing more than a handful of any of the starchy snacks that are lying around the house. But I invested a lot of time and a not-insignificant amount of cash into this diet to date. So, instead of said starchy snacks, my big cheat was an avocado half. IT’S GOOD FAT! I do actually feel better for having eaten it.

Now, I hear that Ben is nearing the end of his bathtime, so I must go prepare to rock him to sleep. At least that will keep me out of the crackers.

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