Monthly Archives: October 2000

I’m listening to the mix of MP3’s I still have up on, the ones I listened to while homesick. Yes, I think we shall have to go home this weekend. Or rather, I shall.

In my regular journal entry, one can find some musings on how I worked for years to try to tie the concepts of my favourite fantasia books in with the Island so that some day I could explain it to someone I loved. Only now, I don’t have to…I can take him there and wait for him to make the connections all by himself.

the permanent temp job

I’ve spent today doing, basically, data entry. I’m something of a secretary here at Sierra. I’m told I’ll get to do cool stuff soon, like…woooo…checking references!….but my supervisor is backlogged from also taking yesterday as a religious holiday. So, I’m doing a lot of cut/paste/copy.

The evil scourge that is that Texas Governor is ahead in the polls because PEOPLE THINK HE’S TRUSTWORTHY! He’s lying through his teeth, people! Get real!

I’m hungry. I’m back on that damn e-diets plan again. I’m trying to figure out how to adapt it so Mike doesn’t starve to death. Let me rephrase this. I’m trying to adapt it so he doesn’t sneak off to Taco Bell in desperation. I need to get one of those electric fence devices and apply the boundaries around every Taco Bell on the Eastside.