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it’s amazing

so i’m all depressed all day
and generally mopey, ’cause i’m probably PMSing or something
and i’ve been eating tons of carbs all week, which is making it worse, ’cause i had two really good weeks previous
and i’m in KIRKLAND for CANADA DAY.
but despite all this, and the rapidly mounting fear that I’m going crazy…

I feel all better now because I did 50 minutes on an elliptical cardio machine at the gym, listening to downward spiral, eyes closed

seems to get it out of my system.
i can move again now!

back in da hood

Well, I got back to the condo last night, took a nap, and then we came back to Seattle.

The condo Mike stays in – that I stay with him in – when I’m in Vancouver, is one that he shares with Norm, the sales dude. The deal is that their company pays Norm $75/night for Mike to stay in the unused 2nd bedroom.

Or at least, that was how Norm had it set up, instead of the original deal Mike suggested, which was that the Company just pay half the rent, flat rate. But no, because Norm makes more money this way, $1000 or so instead of $600/month. As this is cash out of Mike’s budget, that’s not good, but it’s still not US paying it DIRECTLY.

We’re not talking about a hotel quality operation here either…I call the place an Esquimalt building with a Vancouver view: it’s on the 26th floor of a very ghettoish building. And the room Mike sleeps in is literally PACKED with the possessions of the LAST roomate, who just abadoned all his crap when he moved to Norway. File cabinet, clothes everywhere, shelf, broken chairs, and there’s almost no room for us to actually sleep in.

But still, it worked well for the time being. It was in the West End, on Davie street, which is, like, mini-SoHo. Totally convenient, with everything you could ever need within the next three blocks, close to the beach, the Park, the office, the mall, etc. Vancouver’s one of those cities where you never need to drive if you live downtown.

However, on Thursday, when Mike told Norm he was staying the weekend because I wanted to be in my HOMELAND for CANADA DAY, Norm goes “Ah, mon, I made plans already! Can’t you go home?”

And then when push came to shove, Norm basically said no, Mike had to go. One of his girlfriends was coming in from Victoria.

So we up and left. And I guess I’ll celebrate Canada Day tomorrow like I always do in the US; celebrating MY country by blowing up a small piece of someone else’s.

But wait…THERE’S MORE!

the good news!

We now get to pick out an apartment in Vancouver, likely somewhere around the Burrard Bridge, and have the Company pay for it!

It also means I won’t have to live in student housing! (even though I really had my heart just set on it, as Gage is a five-minute drunken stumble from all my planned activities and drinking locations)

So everything works out in the end.
I’m happy 🙂

i miss high school

After advising from the nice lady at Faculty of Arts, who squeezed me in because I whined I was up from Seattle (I know there’s probably people who travelled just as far from lower mainland BC to get here, but Seattle’s in a FOREIGN COUNTRY), I was informed of what I needed to graduate on schedule (May of 2003…original grad date was May of 1999).

Thank to clerical error or SOMETHING, I’ve been bumped into 3rd year here at UBC. Wahoo. But now I have to go to summer school to make that May date. Summer School, 2002.

I then nipped over to the History office, and caught the assistant chair, who was nice enough to take a few minutes to chat with me about what I wanted to do. I may have to take Latin this summer, for example. Anyways, we discussed what I wanted to do long term and how I could fit that in here. I explained I wanted to get a degree in pre-Empire British history. He said I was at the wrong school. Great! I knew that! But I just want to get a BA and get out…IS THAT SO WRONG? (Apparently, yes, as I may have to do undergrad courses before doing serious grad work if I’m not very foresighted)

He also reminded me that I should be watching for smaller classes, or otherwise calling attention to myself so the professors know who I am and can write recommendation letters to grad schools.

I’ve roughed out a 30 credit courseload for myself. All this, plus nine credits next summer, plus a full load next year, should get me out of here with a BA in History, minor in Political Science. Maybe I’ll just go into politics and become the first, REAL female Prime Minister.

(I can see the coverstory in TIME now…”CANADA’S IRON MAIDEN: She’s back to kick her country into shape”)

All in all, a very productive day. I’m still on campus, planning out my timetable, so I can be up. At. Four. AM. On. Canada. Day. Sunday to register. Isn’t this supposed to be like “summer camp”?


I’m on campus this AM. I’m here to get advising. Yes, I need help. Hi, my name is Jillian and I CAN”T FIGURE OUT WHAT TO REGISTER FOR!!!


The irony here is that I booked all Monica’s classes for her. I just have trouble with my own. AND I have to find a way to get to a computer at 4am on Canada Day. I hope someone’s going to volunteer their fast connection, because I totally gots to gets into some courses.

The creepy thing is that I’m sitting, writing this entry, in the same lab I used to IRC for hours in. And I actually found it. It’s really weird, being back in ol’ Buchanan (a postwar monstrosity asbestos-laden building where all artsies and undergrads have their classes)

Shar quoth from my wisdom today on

I spent last night whupping Gina into shape. Such is my role in life. The Ass-Kicker 😉 I helped her rewrite her resume in bullshit-ese. I’m good at that. And she helped me get sheets for the downtown Vancouver apartment. She’s all like “let’s tell people [in Zellers, mind you, the Canadian Big K] that we’re lesbians decorating our love nest!”

I’m like “um, no, but we could tell them we’re Mormons decorating the cave for the other 15 wives!”.

Then we spent the rest of the evening with Karina and her husband Randy, who live in Kits. In the NICE part of Kits. They always get these supercool neighborhoods I’d love to live in…northwest Kits by Jericho Beach, Cook Street Village, etc. A fine time was had as us wifeys stayed out of the way of the manly-men as they talked about cars.

Gotta be at my counselling in 10, I’m up out.

Ohgoddess, it’s, like, ten to six in the am and i have twenty minutes to catch the bus for downtown seattle so i can catch the 7:45 train to vancouver…

I’m not taking Zippy because (a) he’s tired and (b) Mike’s up there already and I’m just coming back with him.

I have to go pack now.

my sister, the quinn to my daria

For those of you wanting to see what my sister looks like, here’s a shot from her grad procession:


(She’s the one on the left)

That’s a fake tan, by the way, a combination of fake’n’bake and instant bottle tan. But let’s contrast that with a photo of me, the paler of the two on the right:

You can just tell from here who’s the more angst ridden of the two of us.


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this is for the jentwo…

I’d really like a cigarette right now, but I haven;t done my cardio yet 😉

hee hee hee 🙂