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weekend update

I’m watching Queen Victoria’s Empire on PBS, the second half (which is 2 hours in itself, no commercials). It’s similar to the CBC Cada: A People’s History in format…quoting from letters and editorials and people, set to images appropriate to the topic. I would say it was excellent, but it didn’t cover the expansion in the Northwest AT ALL, which, while a miniscule part of the history of the era, I certainly would have appreciated seeing a Victorian reaction to the loss of the Oregon Territory, not to mention the US expansionist policies of the era.

Although Victoria didn’t die until 1901…that would certainly explain my imperialistic dad, who is only one generation removed from imperialism himself.

Note here: the BC flag (right) has a union jack at the top and the crown (for the Empire) and then, below, it has blue lines to represent the ocean and a setting sun, because BC is where the sun FINALLY set on the British empire.

Moving on to other Empire exports…we saw Depeche Mode this weekend. There’s a review & setlist of the show here: . It actually was one of the more intense concerts I’ve been to, in terms of not only the band being into it, but the audience being into it, which, as anyone who’s been to a concert of a band like DM knows, fuels everyone into an almost religious state. I started to feel like i was at at backwoods revival towards the end, everyone dancing and singing and chanting and waving their arms and screaming for more. It was just flat awesome. I have been to few shows where that kind of emotional fever pitch was reached.

The set design was very stirring, for being so simple…a combination giant color screen (like on the NIN Fragility tour) and shadow effects. But where Trent Reznor ran metaphoric film clips, DM ran almost snapshots of nature. Raindrops. Swimming goldfish. Except when, during “It’s NO Good”, there was a full video…Gahan in a diner, a pretty waitress, an internal debate, a sense of injustice and sexual tension, and then she goes off with two other guys who come in after he does.

But the best part was the shadow effects, where the various spotlights flashed, and the shadows on the white backdrop sceeen changed size, position, in bursts of light. That was something I hadn’t seen done before, something I wouldn’t have thought any group would have created to emphasize the music.

And then we drove out to Surrey, and slept the night on Gina and Willy’s floor. Mike just passed out on the floor, and then slapped my leg when I tried to nudge him awake with my foot. To make things worse, the airbed deflated itself during the night, and because I have extreme curves, I woke up in pain in my side from sleeping on the floor. Mike, of course, migrated to the couch in his sleep. I don’t think he sleeps…he goes into Sleep Mode, like a computer. I shut down completely & turn into furniture.

Then, when we woke up, it was officially Mike’s birthday, and we went to breakfast with the other kids, and had a great time over pancakes. After that, it was time to say goodbye, so Gina & Willy could go visit her grandmother, and we could go into the city again for more Snowjam.

The plan was that we would return to Snowjam to see Treble Charger and Bif Naked, and then meet up with Karina and Randy. But Mike had taken off his wristband, and lost it. And Molson’s only way to control event population was to require wristbands. No replacements, unless wristband defective or removed, and then it could be traded. I was disappointed, but not enough to go alone. I hate being at festivals alone. Had it been the MGB, I would have said “bye bye lion, run along”, but Bif Naked wasn’t enough, and I saw treble charger last year at Summersault.

So instead, I called K&R, and we just went over there. Randy was cooking lasagna, and he and Mike started talking about tech stuff and male bonding the INSTANT we walked in. I keep telling Mike….if he’s a bad influence on Randy, Karina won’t like me anymore. But we left the boys plotting something illegal, and we went and bought alcohol and a DQ ice cream cake, and we had a wonderful celebration of Mike’s birthday.

We stayed and talked for about five hours, and finally headed home at 10pm. Note: NEVER GO THROUGH THE TRUCK CROSSING that late on a Sunday, because they make the cars go in line with the trucks for the ONE avaliable agent. It took 40 minutes just to get through the border! And we were hoping to avoid a 15 minute delay at the Peace Arch crossing!

Anyways, it was good to be home, sleeping in our own den, and it’s back to Canada Thursday AM for area:one.

new livejournal design

I redesigned my livejournal to match the page at .

It was not easy, but I threw in some CSS and what not for the background.

So if you’re reading this through your friends page, please check it out and tell me what you think! 🙂

even MORE brunette than usual!

I redyed my hair today…using Clairol Natural Instincts Amazon Indigo. Would’ve used Feria in Midnight, but I can’t afford the damage.

It’s now a shiny blue-black. So, that, and the corset I ordered off (to go with my triple-layer black skirt), and I’ll be good to go for the weekend.

Yak’s due down here this weekend, so it’ll be goth club time.

Debating what to wear for area:one…do I go in goth gear? should I wear my edited jeans (flares with the waistband and cuffs cut off, so they’re frayed lowriders) and a t-shirt? should i wear my “looking for trouble? you found it!” shirt & my leather jeans?

I totally wanna learn shockwave so other people can help me pick my outfits out…like an interactive paper doll game…you drag the items onto a cutout of me.

anyways, gonna go drink my warm milk & get some sleep…night night y’all

Return to Degrassi

where’s the snow?

We went to SnowJam yesterday, and didn’t see the promised snow!

Also saw Depeche Mode, but I’ll write that up when I get to a keyboard that isn’t all wonky like Gina’s is 😉

oooh…new toy

i found the shockwave mixmaster
and i’m all thinking my remix of this moby track was pretty cool:

and now I’m listening to Mike cranking out professional level remixes over on HIS terminal, and boy is it annoying. why’d i have to hook up with a goddamned DJ?

more quizzes

You enjoy the finer things in life, but this does not mean you’re pretentious. Because you’re able to balance your appreciation of fine food, art and literature with your preference for pop music and pop tarts, you’re just as likely to meet a friend for coffee and discuss the latest episode of “Malcolm in the Middle” as you are to spend a night at the ballet.

Although you take pride in your appearance, your balanced approach to life allows you to enjoy the company of those who don’t. By emphasizing substance over what appears on the surface, you’ve been able to surround yourself with a diverse group of friends.

You see yourself as somebody who knows exactly what you like and you avoid trends. Carefully weighing your “yin” against your “yang,” you take great pains to balance all aspects of your life. The only thing you insist on is that others share your open-minded attitudes.

spell it RIGHT!

People, it is not “sneak peak”. It is PEEK


PEAK is that thing on a mountain
PEEK, as in peek-a-boo or peeking, is the quick glance.

Damn, but that drives me crazy.

ode to coffee

…giver of life, mother of us all…

yes, indeed, that would be coffee.

I’m feeling a lot more chipper this AM, thank you. I was crying last night, I was SO tired and I just could not sleep.

Back journal entries are now updated on sockgirl-dot-com though, and there’s some new pix on my narcissism page

I’m also down to 538 on the housing wait list.

And finally, there’s an article on the tax refund in Time Online today.

The checks even SAY “Tax Relief For America’s Workers”. What a load of hogswash! They SHOULD be saying “Bribe Money from George W Bush.” Mine should say “Textbook and Housing Money To Flee The Regime With”, because by the time I graduate and come back to the States, hopefully, the people will have learned: the sequels ALWAYS suck**

note: the following sequels did not suck: star wars, star trek:tng the series, and superman II, however, GW does, and probably not well, unless it’s in sucking up to the American people.

just to show off here

I’m just posting to show off my tongue piercing photo.