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memorabilia (the 2006 retrospective)

So, one year ago, I wrote a retrospective entry of The Ten Events of 2005 That Shaped My Life In 2005. Because I have time now, and I’m on that track, I think it’s time to cover 2005. In chronological order:

1. The Ambassador Hotel Is Demolished. This was a piece of Los Angeles – and, more importantly to me – it was a piece of my family history. Like the Biltmore, it was one of the places where my mother and my grandmother went before me. It was a part of the Los Angeles my family knew in the years after they came out from Brooklyn in the 40s and 50s, a pocket of time left from that perspective of this city. And then it was gone.

Also, the night of the Ambassador, I went to the wake, not knowing a single person there – and left after meeting a half-dozen fellow bloggers who felt like I did about L.A. Some were multi-generational, some had grown up here, and all were in mourning. I was the new girl at back then, so it was the first event I attended as part of the L.A. blog community, as part of the fabric of the city in the 21st century.

2. Midnite Ridazz: RIDE ON! This is nothing new – I’d been involved with the bike community in 2005 – but this was the first marathon ride I went on – and the first one where Ridazz became a massive event, instead of just Critical Mass without the agenda. This was the ride to Glendale, the day I went sixty miles on my bike. This was the night I really felt like I belonged in this strange version of Los Angeles Below – even though it rolls on surface streets (link goes to post explaining that idea, and yes, I have read Neverwhere too many times. This was the Ridazz I will always remember, and this was when I really saw how awesome an all-bike city would be.

3. lost tribe of geeks: barcamp los angeles BarCamp was how I connected with the geek community again, a group I left behind when I began transitioning from website coding to marketing. I’m a lousy programmer, but a great marketer. I know my skills. But I thought I’d lost my true geek-dom, and I found, at BarCamp, I hadn’t. I was still able to tell people something new, even if they were involved in sites and projects far, far cooler than I ever have been. And rejoining the geek community gave me a new perspective on my professional life, because I may be in marketing, but I’m definitely the geekiest marketing person, and I’ve been able to integrate my love of new tech ability, and my adoration of Web 2.0 to my job since then.

BarCamp was also when I started to learn about GTD, and THAT has totally saved my life in the last year. I credit my good work in 2006 as due to GTD. But I’m getting ahead of myself on that…

4.i can already hear your tune, calling me across the room That’s the first line of Chameleons UK’s “Swamp Thing”, the song that is now legendary for having giving my boyfriend the boldness to actually come up to me on a dance floor. There may not be love at first sight, but I believe that I have the closest thing to it. Out of everything that happened to me in 2006 – this is probably what has shaped my life the most.

5. london calling. I went to Europe for ten days. That changes everyone’s life. Oh, and I got to visit chaitealatte and dufresne while there. It was an awesome trip. I felt right at home in London, and Paris transfixed me. I loved it – but by the time I came home, my relationship had gone serious, and I was just as happy to be home.

Speaking of relationship – he should be home any moment now. I’d better tidy my room & get ready for his return from Pittsburgh. But Part Two – events six through ten – will cover some pretty big leaps in my professional and home life. 2006 was an awesome year, and I think it’s been the best year I’ve ever had in my life. And knowing that every year is only going to get better is absolutely incredible.

feast your eyes upon the glory of the house of 1000 Davids!

If you do not live in Los Angeles, you are missing out:

the chrismukkuh miracle

Today, to make a 0730 flight, I had to be at LAX at 0600. That would give me time to check bags and get on the flight home.

I bought a new Crackberry yesterday, and didn’t check to be sure the alarm was ON.

I woke up at 0645 and burst into tears. How would I make to LAX in time? Baggage check was alread closed. I’d never have time for security. But I thought, just maybe, if I took my car and Paul took it to longterm after dropping me off, I could make it to the flight.

It worked. I’m writing this from YVR. I’m going to be home for Xmas. Of course, I had to leave my checked bags behind, so no one is getting presents from me until I can mail them…but I made the plane, and the connection to YYJ. Besides, Xmukkuh isn’t about stuff, it’s about being home with your family in Whoville.

Now, anyone got an idea on how to get my keys by Monday from my boyfriend who is in PA until Tuesday?

panic panic panic

The roomate we had picked out just called a couple hours ago to say he
wouldn’t be taking the room after all. I kind of saw that coming,
because I hadn’t heard from him in a couple days, but had hoped
against hope.

Now, I’m totally panicking. I’ve tried and tried
re-posting on Craigslist and now what? What if I don’t GET anyone in
the next two weeks? I can come up with the money to pay double-rent,
but I really REALLY would prefer not to…

This is really terrible. I’m panicking in advance. Anyone have any

some happy endings to report

Our ex-cat, the fat orange one, is still happily living downstairs with the neighbor who adopted him. In fact, he was renamed. “Don Prego”. Yes, like a Mafia Don. He does bear a certain late-Brando-esque stature, so it’s awfully apt. In fact, “Marlon Brando” would have made a good name for that cat.

I think I have also found someone to take my room in the Shack. After a few tries and misses, the third time may be the charm, and I may have someone who will fit in with the existing residents.

And now I’m happily ending my evening and going to sleep. But check out my latest post on – it’s got some hilarious 99CentsOnly store related linkage. SoCal injokes rock.

cancon nostalgia

…did you guys even have the Teeny Little Super Guy on US Sasame Street?

I KNOW you were all missing Mr Dressup

And finally, just before I go to sleep for the night, here is the CBC signoff from the 1990s:

Oh yes, that is indeed the coast-to-coast in badly pencil crayoned animation. That makes me want to go to sleep. Night everyone!

how crayons get made

I loved this sequence as a kid, and I love it even more as an adult who can truly appreciate the synthesized music in the background:

we got the apartment!

We were approved yesterday for our new apartment! This is the one we
loved so much on Sunday, the apartment that Paul and I will move into
on the first day of 2007.

Some more about it:

  • the building is in a neighborhood we have dubbed “Si-Fi” on, as my post this morning explains
  • we are close to Silverlake, close to downtown, and within ten minutes of almost every goth club or event
  • the apartment itself is in a 1920s Italianate style townhouse building, only instead of being compact like a San Francisco building, it’s sprawling to take up more of the L.A. space.
  • the garage is dug into the hill under the house
  • there are three tall west-facing windows, with the original imperfect glass, in the living room
  • there are gleaming hardwood floors and classic plaster moldings in every room
  • there is a full sized dining room
  • the kitchen has the original 1940s gas range stove, perfectly working & clean
  • there is a dishwasher AND a washer/dryer!
  • the apartment is old enough to have a separate linen closet outside the bathroom that is just like the one we had in my parents’ 1929 house
  • there is one bathroom with a mid-century tub and pedestal sink
  • the smaller bedroom is the perfect size for a home office -slash- guest room
  • the larger bedroom is big enough for a queen sized bed AND furniture
  • the master bedroom also has French doors that open up onto a patio on top of the garages
  • the patio is HUGE and will look amazing with a few planters and wrought-iron patio furniture, and I intend to drink my cafe au lait out there on weekends
  • the building is done in mauve, pink and cream, with native California plants in the strip of garden by the sidewalk, and all of it is immaculately kept
  • deposit is only a half month’s rent because our new landlords prefer to rent to tenants they can trust, so they don’t have to ask as much deposit
  • it is totally gorgeous and totally unique, yet exactly what I wanted
  • did i mention we are crossing our fingers and toes?

    Paul and I looked at a place yesterday that we are the first choice for, provided our applications are all in order – and there is no reason they should not be. We fell in love with it at first viewing – hardwood floors, sunlight, a gorgeous 1920s building, proximity to many things we like. I’ll write & post more when we actually get it, but we may indeed have our home for January 1st, which is also our very first home together.

    I’ll be deleriously happy once we sign a lease, and will be happier still once the move is over. More on that as it happens.

    i don’t even need all six degrees

    A guy just came by to look at my room. He found it because I posted to Craigslist. (I have to find someone to take my place for 1/1)
    Turns out he works down the street – with a former co-worker from my office.
    And also, their CEO is good friends with a friend I know through totally different sources. I know because we ran into them having lunch a few months ago, and it was a big coincidence that my friend Jonathan knew this guy at this other company a block away, and that guy knew a co-worker of mine.
    Who subsequently left the company, and now works there…
    …and their business development manager may take my room.
    L.A. is still small to me sometimes.