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it’s texas chili night!

Back in Amarillo, I used to throw Pacific Northwest evenings, where I would make a huge pot of Thai red curry and cook up some rice and make a couple sushi rolls, which everyone was afraid of.

Now, I’m throwing a Texas chili and cornbread night at UBC. I love the way one of the AUS alumni put it: spreading cultural awareness no matter where I am.

E-mail if you didn’t get an invite, and want one. I’m cooking gallons of vegetarian chili and a couple slabs of cornbread. Should be a good time had by all.

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There’s some sort of weird bug bite on the irght side of my neck, and it hurts. I bet it’s Lyme disease or something.

Stupid Fairview.

four years ago…

There’s nothing like a hell of a lot of sleep, followed by a very large cup of coffee, to make a lot of the world seem very bright and shiny-new again. Mmm. Sleep.

According to some back journal entries (the ones I always mean to port over to LJ), it has officially been four years since I first set foot in Amarillo, TX. Prior to then, I’d never been east of Calgary. Four years ago, I flew down for the weekend for a job interview, at a company that is now extinct.

I still don’t know what I was thinking, going, but hell, it was an Experience. It was my Great American Experience. Everyone in the Northwest has one, where we move elsewhere, and then realize that everyplace east of the Coast and south of San Francisco isn’t worth living in, mostly because we can’t get decent sushi anywhere, we can’t breathe without trees, the world looks weird without mountains and ocean to define it, and we don’t take well to heat at all.

Eh. I’ll cut this because it gets a bit longer than the usual midmorning post, and some people know the story already.

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on the bright side…

I did get a really bitchin’ dress yesterday for $19 at a store that had extreme markdowns for some weird reason. It’s a red slipdress, but the bodice is kind of loose & drapey, and it’s almost to my knees, which makes it just sexy instead of slutty. Fine line there. I will never ever get to wear it at UBC, but even if I don’t get to wear it until next year’s Argosy Xmas party, it was $19, after all. I’ll also have to chuck it in a couple years, because even though dresses like that are classic, they’re also kind of cougar-esque…but in the meantime, it’ll look biz-natchin’ under my “cash money” coat, the camel one with the massive faux-fur collar and cuffs, especially if I can get rhinestone heels to match.

Now I’m cutting class and going home sick. I’ve been shaking all day, and I just want to lie down and sleep. I have a tension stress headache to boot, which is never fun, and I’m dizzy and short of attention span and really anti-social. I’m hoping this is just an off day & I’m not really sick. It’s likely nothing a night of hardcore sleep wouldn’t cure.