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it’s cold in here, OK?

I am 1/16th Siberian Eskimo. Really. My great-grandmother on my mother’s side was mostly Russian Inuit – genetically identical to the Inuit who migrated to this side of the Bering Strait about a thousand years ago.

1/16th is not enough to NOT be freezing my ass off in this sudden attack of Winter In Vancouver. Four inches of snow out in Kitsilano this morning. I can only hope all the roads I have to travel by, out to Surrey and down to Seattle, are clear by the time I get there tonight.

I wish I could still muster the enthusiasm for snow I did when I was ten. Or that I had people to build snow forts with. Snow forts rule. Maybe that’s my genetic code driving me to build igloos.

snowing in north van

It’s snowing in North Van today. Hence, I’m getting new tires on my car right now. I can afford them this week – got a fairly hefty chunk of commission this month, enough to pay off a long overdue speeding ticket charge in Washington State and then some. Car = expensive.

Hilarity in office today. Someone, somewhere, deposited $15K USD with a bingo site client. Then they took the bonus money, played enough slots to withdraw, and withdrew $20,500. Today they deposited ANOTHER $15K. Can we say “money laundering”, kids? This is why I like my job sometimes – because it’s no end of entertaining.

same damn 2003 survey

the same 2003 survey everyone else is doing

gang, we so have to go here

Gang, when we get around to going to Portland, I INSIST we stop here.

Caffeine Filled Donuts:

who the hell…


Seriously. Someone dropped $5100 at this morning. And that somebody also dropped at least another $10K this weekend. Jebus damn.

for the vancouver people

View out my window today is absolutely knockout gorgeous. Blindingly so. The foothills are covered in snow, and the sky is so blue it looks like a backdrop. If you are in Vancouver today, GO LOOK OUTSIDE. It’s sunny, that slightly brittle sunshine of winter, but it’s still sunshine.

lack of heat. really.

It’s f–king FREEZING in my room because the heat is broken – AGAIN. The living room is fine, because there’s a gas fireplace in there, but my room is absolutely frigid. Therefore, I’m camped out on the sofa with my new GameBoy and the TV tonight. This is ridiculous – and I can’t get it fixed because the landlady isn’t home, and she has to get said furnace repaired. Bother. And I’m coming down with SOMETHING. I’m sneezing and my cheeks are flushed, and I NEVER GET SICK, so it takes a monster bug to bring me down.

If anyone wants to adopt me, now’s a good time to just text my cell and say so. I’ll probably be offline because there’s no ‘net in the other room. I can’t get sick now – I have to fly this weekend, and my sinuses will explode.

Shoulda stayed at my folks house, with the electric heat. Meh.

Protected: yep, christmas is over

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boxing day

cracksmurf already posted that he and I were at Compusmart ENTIRELY TOO EARLY today. So here’s what I got on Boxing Day sale:

  • Two $10 packs of CD-Rs
  • A $40 printer for my parents
  • $50 worth of cheap cotton bras and panties

What scared me was that La Senza was crammed with teenagers – and I mean zit-covered, silver-eyeshadow wearing, honest to god TEENAGERS – all with handfuls of $12 bras and 5-for-$20 thongs. Do 14 year olds really need pink G-string panties with sequins on the ass part?

I’m going back to playing Super Mario 3 now.
(And yes, I’m BORED OFF MY ASS OUT HERE. Send rescue ship, someone, please)

going theory

I’m starting to wonder if my sister was left on our doorstep by patrician-class WASPs. She reads Town & Country, for g-d’s sake, and latest discussion was over me mocking her for it.

Then again, she thinks I was left on the doorstep by a travelling troupe of nerds, and asked Mom if she was sure we were related tonight.

I’m going to put on my cowgirl boots and stomp off to the QV now. Perchance to run into people I know. I certainly hope so. I still have that “something to prove” attitude.