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i knew i could have worn black!

The idea of wearing black at my wedding was shot right down by my parents. And, because I am no longer a rebellious teenager, I concurred. “It would look like you were in mourning!” they said. Like I didn’t want to get married, or like I wasn’t happy about the baby. They had a point. My mom did say I could wear whatever I wanted because it was my wedding day, but I don’t feel I need to freak out the guests at my wedding with a black dress, or wear something that conveys anything less than happiness.

This came up because I happen to own a particularly awesome Lip Service dress, which is all crepe layers and lace and lacing and a high neck and open back and sleeves that end in loops over my fingers. It’s the Vagabond dress, which looks a bit like the Nuptial Bites, but has more flounces and details. I love it to bits, and happily wore it as soon as Disneyland cooled down last Bats Day. It is, without question, my favorite piece of clothing. And I wanted to wear it to get married in, because really, what is a wedding dress supposed to be if not your favorite dress ever? But I agreed – out of the 110 people at the wedding, probably 100 of them would think I was being too weird. Even for me.

However, it turns out that black dresses are all the rage in Paris! And the same wedding dresses that I HATE in white are actually romantigoth in black! Especially with veils! Maybe if I’d held out one more year to get married, the trend would have crossed to the States, and I could have worn something with a lot of black tulle under it.

Nevertheless. I did actually buy a dress two weeks ago, and it did get here last week. It happened to be a custom-made goth wedding dress I liked, in a size and style that would work with my pregnancy, for sale right when I needed it.:

I like the dress a lot – especially given what my options were with maternity dresses. It’s just not the corset-based Dark Garden couture I’d planned on before I got pregnant. Or a black Parisian runway dress. And it’s hard to be in love with a wedding dress when it isn’t ever going to be my Favorite Dress Ever. It might come in third, behind the Lip Service dress above, and the long black PVC dress I met my future husband in, but it’s not quite a favorite. Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with the dress when it got here – it’s a gorgeous two-piece outfit – and I will be delighted to wear it on my wedding day. And I think it will look quite nice next to Paul’s morning style suit (even though it is an evening wedding)

But still – couldn’t that damn black dress trend have made it here a LITTLE faster?

well, duh

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no, I am not seeing cloverfield

Trust me, I wanted to – but in my current, easily nauseated state, I didn’t think I could handle it.

So Paul went without me while I was having my bridal shower. Which is an entire entry in itself, because it was AWESOME.

But in the meatime, maybe someday, when I am not pregnant, I can see the monster movie. Until then, I will just accept the nausea as part of the incubation process. Sigh.

zippy has left the building

I put Zippy on Craigslist two days ago. I would link to the ad but people wouldn’t stop calling me until I took it down. So once I sold the car this morning, I deleted the ad – and the phone calls FINALLY tapered off.

Seriously, I’ve had almost 30 calls for that car, and a dozen emails. Who would have thought that a 1999 Saturn, with 128,810mi and a freaking hole in the driver’s side door would be in so much demand? Of course I did sell it for $900, which probably has a lot to do with the demand. But still. Craigslist gets INSANE. I had one guy, looking for a car for his daughter, call me twice. And email me twice. And then text me because he was driving around the major intersection I listed as closest and couldn’t find the car. I had people email offering less than my asking price, almost begging, which broke my heart. I had a guy show up this morning right after I sold the car, and when I told him it was sold, he left – and then came back to offer me $100 more than my asking price.

Selling Zippy was actually easier than I thought it would be. Except that I still have to get a California title on the car. I have a Texas title, which I acquired in 2007 after chasing Chase Manhattan on and off for a year. They kept sending the title to my Dallas address. Yes, I KNOW that I left Dallas many years ago. Chase are idiots. Anyways, it turns out I was supposed to take the title down to the California DMV and remove the lienholder from the registration. Now I have to do that Monday. But even without that title to transfer, I was still able to complete the bill of sale and the transfer of liability, and the nice people who bought Zippy gave me cash up front in exchange for those documents, and one key.

Zippy stayed here, in the driveway, all day – and then, when we went to run errands this evening, he had been picked up, and he was gone. I came back and my Saturn was gone. I’m still kind of sad about it, like part of me is missing. You can get very attached to an object in nine years, especially when it has been the only constant for that time period. I’ve always had Zippy, no matter what. 2008 is a big change year, the biggest year of my life, and Zippy was the smallest part of that, but it still took a lot to let him go. I hope his new owners treat him well.

say goodbye to zippy, y’all

Nine years ago (give or take a couple months), I bought a brand-new car. It was a ’99 three-door Saturn, affectionately dubbed Zippy the Wonder Saturn. That was all the way back in Amarillo, Texas. Zippy had a rough summer that year, being driven off roads and around Texas. But Zippy survived, and went on to move with me to Dallas, where he managed to get me around another year in Texas without getting smushed by any crazy Texan drivers.

I drove Zippy with me back to Seattle, loaded down with belongings. Zippy still has mosquitoes in his overhead light from a stop in Kansas. Once back in the Northwest, Zippy had a run in with a deer – but being the Wonder Saturn, the damage was merely cosmetic, and he was back to normal and back on the road in a week (minus deer hair embedded in the plastic body). Zippy sat in traffic on the 520 floating bridge, and took me around the Eastside while I worked a series of jobs in the dot-com aftermath.

When I moved to UBC, Zippy went with me. He carried prank squads around campus when we painted the cairn, and still has a few drips of purple paint on the back bumper. Zippy took us back to Washington State for burritos and doughnuts, and became a car second only to the Canoemobile in ACF 12 participation. He took me to Bowen Island when I worked there at my first job out of college. I drove Zippy all over Vancouver, even though it was a city where I didn’t need a car: my little well-travelled Saturn was still a part of my life.

And then, after three happy years in Vancouver, one morning in May, 2004, I loaded up Zippy and left for Los Angeles. By which time, Zippy was getting a bit elderly and shabby, having lost a chunk of his front door to a bus back in Vancouver. But even a new city, a city of new and expensive cars, I hung onto Zippy. After all, he still ran. He sometimes needed repairs, and he started to stall with anything less than mid-grade gasoline, but he ran fine. Being a Saturn, with plastic panels for a body, he doesn’t dent easily, but he does get scratched. Still, as gas got more and more expensive, Zippy’s 27mpg was a good reason to keep my by-now battered Saturn with me. And as I got used to the States a second time, I was more and more reluctant to buy into the car industry. Somewhere around 2005, I started to see cars as being worse for America than they are good for it, and I didn’t want to be a part of that by buying a new necessary evil until my existing one fell apart.

And then I found out I was pregnant. A child seat is difficult to put into a three-door Saturn coupe. Baby seats don’t belong in cars of Zippy’s class, which is to say, “little and cute”. So it was time to look into a replacement for Zippy, a bigger car that would see me through my baby’s childhood. I narrowed it down to two cars under $20K: a 2004 CR-V, or a 2008 Mazda5. And after test driving the new car, and being offered a really good finance rate (YES! My credit is back up to the point where I get the GOOD finance rates!), I decided on the Mazda.

So out in our driveway tonight there is a shiny black Mazda5 “microvan” – something the size of a station wagon that is a cross between a very small minivan, and a very big hatchback. It has three rows of two seats, but has a smaller footprint than Paul’s Accord. The back two rows of seats fold down, and even folding the very back seats down gives me lots of storage for the baby’s stuff. It gets 21MPG city, 27 highway. It has sliding doors on either side, for easy access to the Critter in its car seat. It has an in jack for my MP3 player. It is a Family Car, and it is very very practical. I will also have it for a long time, since I just paid for a ten year warranty on it. And I’m sure that it will accumulate as many memories as Zippy did. It is, after all, the car I will use to drive my small, but growing, family around for the next several years.

Still, in my heart, nothing will ever replace Zippy. Zippy deserves a five minute montage of images. But the one that sticks most in my mind is the day I bought him, when I drove, dizzy with car ownership, across the plains of the Panhandle. Zippy and I have both come a long way since then. We have come across the continent and back south again, crossed the Canadian border countless times, lived in four major cities (and one small one). Zippy has carried my friends and my lovers – even my enemies. And he has multiple times carried everything I own as I went from one life to another in a new city. Zippy has been part of me for eight years, the car I drove almost every day, the constant in a life that shifted more times than it should have since I was that twenty year old in Texas.

And now, I have to say goodbye to that brave little Saturn, and find a charity to donate him to (he is worth more as a tax writeoff than as a trade-in). It is time to retire Zippy and move on to my new microvan. It’s hard to let go of my baby Saturn, but it’s time. Say goodbye to Zippy, the Wonder Saturn from the Texas Panhandle, y’all. And now, help me come up with a name for my new Mazda.

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