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two years in l.a. (perpetual)

I’m listening to VNV Nation’s Perpetual right now, which has achingly sweet chords in the dinimished-minor-to-major-fifth shift patterns I’m just addicted to, and I’m having one of those terribly happy moments, where I think about everything that’s right in my life.

I realized yesterday that it was my Los Angeles Anniversary: two years since I came down over the Tejon Pass, south on I-5 to L.A. I’d spent a week on the road getting here, through Seattle and Portland, along the Oregon coast from Tillamook down to California, south from Eureka along the CA-1 to San Francisco. I spent three days in the Bay Area, a night in Fresno, and got in on May 30th, 2004, to stay with my adopted aunt, my mother’s best friend from high school for a couple nights, until I could move into what became known as Casa Mar Vista.

I knew that the move to L.A. was the right path to take, at the time, and two years later, I’ve never doubted that. I’ve never regretted moving here, or leaving Vancouver. L.A. pushed me to grow up, to expand my own horizons, to see the world differently. I had to teach myself the city in order to understand it, and I changed in the process. I had to see a lot I didn’t want to here – poverty, misery, urban destruction – but it forced me to open my eyes beyond the perspective of the middle-class white girl from Canada.

hist-o-tainment is SO a word!

Last night, at Souplantation with the boyfriend and his friends, I was going through the Random Papers Shoved Into The Back Of My Purse…and found a leaflet for the Charles Phoenix Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles.

One of the girls looked up and mentioned that she’d always wanted to see a Charles Phoenix slideshow, but hadn’t been yet. And then the question came up: “what exactly IS Charles Phoenix?”

I quoted my own post on Blogging.LA and referred to him as a “civic treasure” until I somehow came up with the right term. “He’s a HIST-O-TAINER!” I exclaimed.

“Is that even a WORD?”

“It is now!”

Post on the RETRO DISNEYLAND SLIDESHOW is now up on Blogging.LA. I was somewhat disappointed that the slideshow mostly pre-dated PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, but unfortunately, Kodachrome was out of vogue by the time that wench auctions came in.

you’re living in you own private idaho

Or, in my case, my own version of L.A. I’m really trying to live in more of a Los Angeles Below here. My version of Los Angeles has hordes of joyful cyclists riding through the city on Fridays. My city includes a community farm that feeds families in South Central. My city includes all the people on the Metro system, and all the lunatics at Venice Beach. My Los Angeles includes a lot of things that don’t really register in the mass consciousness as being part of this city.

And I’m trying to post more on so I can reflect more of that this week. Tomorrow AM on, look for the writeup of L.A. Critical Mass last Friday, or, as I called it, “ADVENTURES IN SOUTHCENTRAL!” Wednesday, you will all be able to read about Charles Phoenix’ RETRO DISNEYLAND SLIDESHOW. Thursday…I’ll come up with something. I have faith in my ability to find things to talk about!

But right now, my city also includes my bed, and I’m going to go sleep in it. G’night everybody!

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i bet you look good on a dance floor

Due to the long weekend, I was finally able to go out to Malediction Society last night. This is another of those goth nights I’ve wanted to go to forever, but Monday’s are usually an early morning for me. But without anything to be up for today (except catching up on some work), and with the camping trip I’d planned cancelled (again, the work thing), I was actually able to go.
everybody dance!

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oh, david silver, how could you?

Donna Martin would never have given you a hand job in public:

(Note that Tori Spelling, who is a different person, probably would. Give a hand job. Under a table in public.)

due to unscheduled delays, we bring you the weekend

I ran out of energy this week.

No, really. I went to sleep early on Sunday. I stayed up late Monday, sure, but then I went to sleep early Tuesday. And I skipped the Ditty Bops show at the Derby to go to sleep early Wednesday. It was one of those weeks where lethargy got the better of me.
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not that i’m usually out on a thursday…

…but I got a MySpace message from my friend Lisi earlier tonight, saying that she and another friend were going out to Perversion, which is the Thursday night goth club event. And due to a combination of Not Having Enough Goth Friends, and Living In Venice, I hadn’t made it to that particular club yet, even though I’d certainly heard wonderful things about it. It’s in Hollywood after all, and Hollywood is Far (although not as far as Pasadena).
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