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and by the way

It may be freezing here, but it’s sunny outside, and really pretty. Even if it is freezing. Did I mention it’s freezing?

guess how much beer we get for arts county fair?

A whole silo!!
Y’know, like a grain silo, but for beer.

There’s also a shortage of beer in Vancouver right now – after the hockey game on Sunday, that is. Bars were running out of draft beer by 3pm, and out of alcohol, period, by 5pm. I love this country!

And I’m still freezing my ass off. Stupid slanty shanty and its lack of heat. I’m sleeping with the blankets over my head again, to conserve that extra heat. I may go get my hooded sleeping bag out of the storage area if this keeps up.

Why the hell is Monica Lewinsky on CNN tonight? I’m really sorry she can’t work ever again, but does she really have to go on TV all the time??? Is she out of money already? There is no new information here!

various early rantings

this is why i hate the shanty
y’know, it’s not so much the constant background noise of five boys stampeding
it’s not that the place is getting slantier
it’s that it is FREEZING down here in my Lair, and I just tried to take a shower.
and i got about two minutes flat of hot water before it started to go cold.
and then i hopped out, and can’t get warm again because my room and bathroom are about 60 this morning.

and i fergot my frizz-ese at home in Seattle, so I can’t blow dry my hair, and will have to dig out some gel & leave it in curls. dammit.

BTW, is Bush on CRACK? The hell is up with this abstinence as prevention crap! He’s talking about giving “American youth the right choices.” , and the benefit of the doubt. One of the constant characteristics of the proletariat is that they reproduce!! Dude, what the hell! Sex is free, its fun, and what else do you expect? Maybe if you educated the kids on the consequences of sex, made them carry those neat little electronic baby dolls that cry every ten minutes for a week, stuff like that, told them in detail about the consequences of various STDs, you’d have less of a problem, because they they’d abstain out of fear, instead of abstaining out of some sort of easily tossed out morals.

Hello? Church, state, separation? This is why I skipped the country. I’ll go BACK, because my future husband won’t leave, but I’m a LITTLE disturbed right now by this religious right infiltration.

He’s from TEXAS. He should KNOW that kids have sex at, like, 14…oh, no, wait, he’s from MIDLAND, and only spent a year of high school there before going to Andover. My bad. He’s about as Texan as I am. Bloody hell.

work? or sleep?

Debated pulling an all nighter earlier. Then I realized I was tired. But I have So. Much. Work. To. Do…!

Took a TV out to Surrey tonight – from North Van – for the moogs. I like driving those highways here at night; 91 reminds me of the George Bush (Sr.) Tollway in Dallas: elevated, and almost always cop-free, so I can push my little baby Saturn to eighty.

Tried to connive other AUSers into coming with me for the field trip, but alas, no dice…thankfully, our resident North Van native gave me directions, or I would still be lost in the foothills. Nights like this, I realize that this city, while not as big as Dallas, can really feel like it. Which is scary, in a way, because I usually see Vancouver in the context of “really big Victoria” not as a “real city”.

It was actually kind of surreal biking today to the bank. It wasn’t FREEZING out, and I was warm enough once I got going, but looking at the snow at the tops of the foothills and on the mountains, is kind of weird when you know its spring. The mountains are just so close here! I’m used to the mountains being a respectable distance away, across a few miles of Straits, not all up in your face like that, rising up in scary that-would-hurt-to-hike heights from the water.

A+ on last week’s American Government assignment. Go me! Too bad it only counts for 10% of the grade. I guess the anecdote about the Klan in Missouri took it over the top.

someone posted…

…that there is an old saying: people who can’t make it in life go back to school.

Yep, and the person who said THAT likely worked at WalMart because they never got a degree.

Y’all got a problem with me? Bite my shiny metal ass!!
(that’s a futurama quote; I do not yet have buns of steel)

I should be studying for my POLI 320 midterm. I think I’m finally starting to understand American government…four years living in the States, between Seattle and Texas, I still don’t know what the hell the difference is between Senate and Congress and the House. Yeek.

But it’s sunny outside…that slightly watery sunshine we get here in the Northwest in spring. It’s not the butter-rich light we get in summer, or the brittle, pale light of winter, it’s more like skim milk, sunlight filtered through a partly cloudy sky, going in and out of clouds. The harbour’s likely blue, the mountains are likely out, and I can definitely hear my bike whispering to me from its corner…”hey, want to go down to the beach? it’s only 20 blocks away, it’ll take you ten minutes, you know you want to, you can study there,…you know you want to…”

…to which I am telling it to shut up for an hour and let me finish this diagram of government.

stupid bike.

arts county fair lineup

1) New Deal
2) Baby Blue Sound Crew feat. Choclair
3) Swollen Members
4) Big Wreck