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the road is no longer calling, especially that bit with the trees

It’s way too humid today in Seattle. It’s bad when the window is open…AND IT ISN’T HELPING. It’s already that one day of the year when I feel like I need air conditioning. Mmmm…air conditioning. It’s raining outside now, and it feels like Houston.

Weekend was actually pretty good, despite the parts where I just got sick of the car. Crescent City, Cali, sitting in local diner eating dinner, didn’t want to face six more hours of driving, but had to. Cut over to I-5 via 199 at that point, as always. 101 ceases to be fun by Eureka, and then you CANNOT get back to I-5 until the Cali/OR border.

We came back via 101 because that is where the trees are:

Yes, we visited most of these places. Especially the Confusion Spot:

MIKE: Keep an eye out for the Confusion Spot…[huge display of tackyness in form of giant yellow question marks appears]…nevermind.

That’s where gravity is in overdrive and is seriously skewed. It was dizzifying. I was already dizzy from Too Much Car Time While Reading Map Of Sonoma County, so my $3 in admission just went to making me MORE nauseous.

The redwoods are always very impressive, but it’s basically six hours of driving through forest that looks EXACTLY like the forest up here, if slightly less dark green. Therefore, it gets old. Fast. And the damn trees look like they’re leaping onto the road at you by the end of it. Plus, California never seems to end. It’s weird, because you’re driving so far from San Francisco, yet it’s STILL CALIFORNIA. It’s like trying to drive through Texas.

On the way down, we drove through the I-5 corridor, and the State of Jefferson I think that is a terrific idea, because it would give an identity to that part of the world. I think the west coast got seriously shafted in never really having a chance to redraw its own state borders (in a more sensical fashion) after the initial treaties between the Americans, British and Spanish drew them arbitrarily. Then again, I also think Cascadia is a terrific idea.

More on the city after I go get something to eat…

Protected: in case anyone is trying to call me…

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when the road calls, you have to listen

Going to San Francisco for long weekend. Jealous yet? I thought so. Time for spontaneous, twentysomething road trip with large Texan. If I can round him up and into the car.

Later, y’all.

independence day is early this year

I would like to congratulate two of my LJ friends who are both moving out into their first apartments at the end of this month. That would be jentwo and thelinden.

And a couple Victorians or psuedo Victorians: birdsbrain (my friend Robyn, who I met On Island, although ironically she now lives in Melissa’s hometown of London) and cracksmurf (one of my AUS colleagues) are “blogging”. Hopefully, this link will get Robyn to post more often, as I worry about her.

Work in 56min. Still drying regulation issue ARGOSY T-shirt. Hrm.

sim city is nothing more than a personality test

Mike’s building a new Dallas. He just put in a little MixMaster! He’s zoned most of the city Light Commercial! Ir’s got no parks or trees! It’s shiny & has freeways everywhere & has a horrible ghetto right outside of the nice part of downtown.

My cities come out looking like Seattle or Victoria: older tree lined downtowns, marinas, parks everywhere and newer suburbs.

SimCity should be used as more of a psychological diagnosis tool.