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a doug coupland moment

Every day, I drive home along 3rd, past the giant digital clock at 3rd & Fairfax. It’s usually showing a higher temperature than it actually is outside, because of all the heat from the road and the cars’ engines. But every day, I think of the image in “Girlfriend in a Coma” of the giant digital clock in Florida, flashing 120F and 00:00, on the day that the world ends.

Which is kind of what it feels like right now, with the fires bringing the temperatures up across Los Angeles. The light is strained, and everything feels a little wrong with the extreme heat. Very doomsday.

code pink protests…canada? wtf?

CodePINK is protesting the Canadian consulate tomorrow.


How did the organization I joined for the specific purpose of protesting American imperialism…end up protesting MY home country? I protested the war with CodePINK as an American citizen. I did it because I was proud to have acquired citizenship and all it stands for. But I am, first and foremost, a Canadian. And I’m NOT proud that Canada turned away peace activists because they were listed in the FBI database as criminals. Canada needs to be more selective on the resources used to determine who is and is not a criminal. But I think that CodePINK is now demonstrating the worst trait of the left-wing movement: it’s tendency to tear itself apart. Why protest a left-wing country who never supported the war? And worse, how the hell does that help end the war in Iraq?

So, my letter back to my former girls goes as follows:
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string quartets and j-goth dresses

Because I refuse to play Pachelbel’s Canon at my wedding, Paul and I have spent some time this week surfing Rhapsody to find string quartet tributes to bands we like. Of course, there is no string quartet tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees – I would have walked down the aisle to “Kiss Them For Me” in a heartbeat. But there is a fine tribute to the Pixies, as well as to the Cure, the Pumpkins, and Joy Division. So I think we’ll have the bridal party walk down the aisle to “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, and then I’ll walk to “Just Like Heaven”. The opening chords sound just like the Canon, so it’ll be a few seconds before everyone realizes that I’ve done something different. And we’ll pipe in all the other string quartet renditions of our favorite artists before the ceremony, while everyone is finding seats. Like “Here Comes Your Man”.

I’m also trying to make the bridesmaids’ dresses a little more unique:

to: the bridesmaids
from: the bride
re: dresses!

Hi ladies –

Barring the fact that they are made by a Japanese goth costume company, these are some of the options for bridesmaid dresses I found
(WARNING: Ignore the rest of the site. I’m not INSANE.) Cost on either would run around $120 with shipping – but you don’t need alterations because, hey, it’s a custom made dress!
(see the burgundy option in the listing. We could add a cream fabric sash to make it look more bridesmaidy)

and I think this would be a very solid option, because it would look good on everyone in the dark red:
(this also would be perfect for Bats Day if the overdress was dyed black)

You’re all getting posy-style bouquets made out of black baccarat roses, which would match dark red dresses:

Let me know what you guys think. I will also need a volunteer to send me her measurements & get a “test dress” made if one of these two is
deemed acceptable.


proud to be canadian

Hey, at least we’re realistic about it.