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ben foods!

We are now feeding Ben pureed versions of whatever I am cooking for dinner – with mixed results. He loved the slow-cooker chicken & peas I made last night. I basically put a chicken in the slow cooker with some seasonings, and left it all day, and then pureed some of the thigh and back meat with defrosted frozen peas and chicken broth. That was a big hit. Surprisingly, not so much the pureed pot roast from earlier in the week: bison brisket with potatoes and the vegetables from the slow cooker. Ben ate some of it, but maybe the new tastes and textures threw him off. Paul thought it was delicious though, so at least SOMEONE likes my cooking.

how the hell do i manage to function in the real world?

This is proof of what an absent-minded professor type I am: I have been driving around with expired tags on my car for THREE MONTHS.

In fact, I couldn’t even remember if I PAID the registration on my car. I checked to see if the transaction was listed, and it was, so I guess I did…and then I put the sticker in my purse to put on my car, and forgot. Same thing I do almost every year.

I have now printed off the form to send to the DMV requesting a new sticker for my car. I’ve been trying for the last few years to get over my natural absent-mindedness. At least, I made the effort to get a new sticker this time. I think a few years ago, I would have forgotten and done nothing about it until I was pulled over for having expired car registration.

Which also reminds me – I should PROBABLY have proof of insurance in my car as well. My insurance card in my wallet expired in October.

How do I manage to exist in the real world? Seriously!

in san francisco

I’m hanging out in the Westin St Francis lobby right now, killing a few more minutes before I go down to SFO to catch my plane back to LAX. Being all resourceful & eco-friendly, I’m actually planning to take BART from the Powell St station down to the airport. It’s there, it’s just as fast as a cab in rush hour traffic, and I know how to get around on it.

The St Francis is the sort of hotel I’d never normally stay in. It’s gorgeous and historic and high class, but it’s also expensive. And if I, personally, am spending that kind of money with a Starwood brand, I’m a W type of girl. I like the boutique-y, newer hotels, where there are spa-type bath products and trendy decor and downtempo playing in the lobby. But this was the LAST ROOM IN SAN FRANCISCO, apparently, due to the multiple tradeshows happening this week. And the travel coordinator at work still picked it up at a reasonable price, so, here I am, gazing at all the gilded trim and marble floors and crystal chandeliers in the lobby.

AD:Tech has been a couple days of a lot of walking. I have been working the floor – or just plain working – all day today. I walked around to look for and talk to new technology providers and vendors, and then I took a couple hours to sit at the back of the Moscone Center West and catch up on email and deliverables. I’ve had meetings and meals with vendors constantly since I got here yesterday morning, and by now, I’m almost talked out. Last night, we went for dinner with a vendor, and then hit a couple of parties at hotels. A small group of us stopped by a small party thrown by another vendor at the Palace Hotel, had a couple open-bar drinks, and then went down to the W to listen to the fairly decent DJ there and see the hotel lobby fill up with trendy tradeshow goers. I got back to the hotel around 11pm, and, since I hadn’t slept at all Monday night, I barely managed to take out my contacts before passing out from exhaustion.

And it was tough being inside working all day when it was freaking GORGEOUS in San Francisco today! I walked outside this morning into a perfect, soft, 70F day, and wanted to just go walk around in the park or by the Bay or something. I settled for a quick walk through Union Square on my way to Moscone Center this morning instead. Yesterday, it was 85F outside IN THE CITY. It was L.A. hot! It was ridiculous! I shudder to think how hot it would have been in L.A…or, for that matter, in East Bay. Now, it’s back to normal: slightly cloudy, cold wind off the Pacific. April in the City.

It’s probably time for me to head back to L.A., back to my chunk of a baby, and my husband, and work tomorrow. I miss my men – especially my tiny one. I actually like travelling, except for the whole being away from my baby thing. I will get home, and Mr. Ben will be fast asleep, and I will have to wait to see him in the morning for his usual feeding & cuddle time in bed. But I’m still so glad to be going back to my tiny family. Time to head for BART.


  • 09:05 that virgin america ad with the woman styling her hair? yeah, not allowed IRL billboards lied to me!! #

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Protected: five years (almost) and counting: the career update

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(almost) five years & counting

A quote from when I came here, just under five years ago:

 I’m still ridiculously excited about being here, of course – I just wish I had someone to share being here with. I wish I had friends to show all this to, someone to explore with, but for right now, it’s just me and my tourbooks, my Saturn, my hope, out here in Los Angeles.

You know, looking back on that, from here, with my husband, my baby, my friends…life just ain’t so bad after all.

animal watching at the toronto zoo

From 09-04-19 Ben's East Coast Tour