Monthly Archives: February 2003

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21.5 hours & counting until this is due

OK. I can spend an hour & a half working on my POLI 420 project, then I can go home, get something to eat, shower & get back here in time to do an…extracurricular activity which, of course, is not related to anything resembling campus pranks, especially not putting cows on roofs or swiping symbols of state or anything involving those classic college prank materials, sheep and Jell-O


Then I can slug back a hell of a lot of coffee & sugar & crank out a ten minute oral presentation which is due tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow…I also have eight hours of class tomorrow. And I’m tired *now*. I think I’m going to end up camping at Calhoun’s sometime around 3am doing readings for HIST 447 & slugging back Calhoun’s sized cups of coffee.

I’d say I could sleep tomorrow…but I have a HIST 413 essay proposal due…and Thursday it looks like I’ll have to go to Seattle to get that goddamn computer for my mom. And illicit Red Bull would be good too. Mmmmmm….illicit…

Right. Back to work. Dammit.

was it all just a dream? a dream with a lot of balloons?

I should really be studying, as opposed to working on plans for Prank Squad. I have a three page Word doc which outlines what we’re doing over the next few weeks. Most of it involves robots. Don’t ask.

Also, I just got “home” (by which I mean the AUS office) from a little field trip.

It may have, however, been completely my imagination because the group which did it doesn’t really exist.

But, if it really, in actuality, did happen, then it invaded the Engineering hangout, the “Cheeze” (part bar, part student lounge) and covered it, floor and ceiling, in balloons. All the furniture which would usually be sitting in the Cheeze, such as it is, is now sitting on and around the cairn.

Regardless, it got us inspired to boot up over at the AUS Prank Squad. Roll out! I’m psyched again. Now, if I could just get this excited about my homework…and I am so likely getting tanked this year by the ‘Geers…

Protected: i was warned in 1st year to stay away from the red jackets…

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i do this every year

Every year there comes a time when I sit down and look at what I have to do…and realize that I’m going to be pulling very long, very intense days to do it.

Basically, between homework and Arts County , I’m pretty well, as they say on Futurama, “boned.”

Ah, the joys of second term.

Bright side is…the ACF lineup came out today. Oh, go look at the damn site. I’m too lazy to retype it, and 2) it’ll generate hits and make the webmaster happy.

it’s sunny today

It’s sunny outside. And it’s springtime, and I’m home. It looks exactly like what I’ve dreamed of since the day I left the Island. Springtime, chloryphyll, flowers, blossoming trees EVERYWHERE, salt-laced air, overload on oxygen…if I could dance through Victoria without looking totally crazy, I’d do it. I might yet anyways, I’m so happy from all this. Millions of colors all around, the ocean a perfect shade of Pacific Northwest blue, the whole world is coming back to life, instead of looking like its drowning…I have spent my life writing, and looking for words, and this is the season in which I run out of them.