Monthly Archives: September 2001

sweet sassy molassy!

the boys have discovered the network & Morpheus

we are now being treated to a max volume version of Afroman’s “Becuz I Got High”.

(this seems to be the house theme song, although I prefer Dynamite Hack’s “Boyz in the Hood”)

I counter THIS with Depeche Mode.

THIS is why I moved home

Go now.
Write your elected officials.
And remember that Bush is a COMPLETE hypocrite, “this country is great because of its freedoms”, ‘sha, right. I knew this was coming.

plural of encyclopedias

The new FoxTrot book is called Encyclopedias Brown and White

(FYI, I LOVED Encyclopedia Brown. Totally adored those books)

Isn’t the plural of encyclopedias, encyclopediae ????

Well, isn’t it???

you hurt my bong!

So saith Big Pete, when Tej fell on the table in the backyard.

We have a table in the backyard, made of a large board on a stump. Tej fell on it, breaking many things, among them the Skyy vodka bottle, and the brand new bong that the boys JUST christened tonight.

“Tonight, Tej broke a door handle, a bong, and a vodka bottle!”

I’ve been up for three hours drinking with the Professor, who is one of the few guys who doesn’t live here, but whom we all like quite a bit. Except Kasel, after the rousting episode.

I was woken for this by people parking just outside my Lair, saying “where’s Jillian?”. That, I must respond to, with “OK, one cigarette and one drink and then I’m sleeping!”

The Professor is a baaad influence. I had JUST sobered up, too. But no, I had to do more shots of vodka and Baileys because I had to keep my honour! (That would be my honour as a Canadian, a nation known for high alcohol tolerance) Three HOURS worth of drinking.

Pete is SO mad at Tej for breaking his bong. Meanwhile, I’m mad at Timmy for drinking my vodka. I had a full bottle earlier tonight, and I get home…and 70% of it is GONE!!! This is Mike’s fault…Mike saw Tim drinking Alberta Vodka (shite) and told him he could share my Skyy. Mike doesn’t like me drinking anyways.

(This is proven by the quote: “I JUST got you detoxed from Amarillo, and look what you moved into!!!”)

Yep. Good times.

dude, where’s my car?

where’s your car dude?

so saith i as we try to remember where the hell we left onyx the taurus.

fun night. we went out with Neil, and Neil’s date downtown.

we wanted to go to sonar…OK, so *I* wanted to go to sonar, because I am just THAT behind the times, and haven’t been yet (weird, for me, damn boyfriend, slowing me down…and even HE’S been when he was here without me). $15 cover. and no where else in gastown did we deem worthy of our patronage.

so then, we had to find the parkade with the car in it, and move over to luvafair.

i love it here.
these are my people (thank you jenone 😉
it’s like evolution in Victoria, only with more expensive liquor!

had a few drinks, made fun of some music, came home.

roomates have gone to local bar. it’s so quiet!

‘scuse me while i go pass out 😉

(hey, i’m tired, tipsy, and thanks to that 2am slice of 88c pizza, carb-laden & logy)

addition to the soundtrack

See below.

Went to beer garden last nite. That was cool, because there was a slew of people there I knew from AUS. I’m pretty cheerful about all this because I’ve only been here three weeks, and already, I’ve met a lot of people through HSA (history Student’s Association) and AUS/Underground.

Got there around 6pm or so. I gathered up the crew & shoved them into the Batmobile.

(Tonya, Amarillo, July ’99, enroute to havoc wreaking: “TO THE BATMOBILE!”)

…and off we went.

You could tell we were a Force to be Reckoned with because we were blasting loud, cheesy, rap music from my junior high years. And anytime a group of people are driving with Cool Soundtrack Music, they MUST be the protagonists (unless it is evil soundtrack music) and everyone else must get out of their way as they head to their destination.

Moving on, it was raining and cold at the event, but there was a live band playing, a Celtic type band like Great Big Sea or SOTW, and they even played a cover of “Home for a Rest”. By that time, I was really tipsy, having had two mugs of psyder, and nothing to eat since some corn chips at HSA meeting six hours prior. So I was more than happy to dance around and play soccer with beach balls…

(…and watch said balls fly RIGHT OVER the Destroyer’s head because he was SO drunk he was passed out by 5pm and had to be woken to go to this)

…and dance to “Home for a Rest”, kicks and arm-in-arm twirls and all with one of the guys from AUS.

(That’s a BC thing. Don’t even TRY to understand, because BCers will even dance like that in circles in clubs when that song comes on. We LOVE that song. We LOVE Spirit of the West dammit)

Time to go get dressed – going out with Neil tonight, like adults, dammit. So proud of that.

friday at lamda lamda lamda

I get home, and there’s thumping rap music, nacho makings EVERYWHERE, and FOUR of the guys (the last one isn’t out of class yet) are gathered around one computer looking at porn over the cable modem.

I cut their connection, and I’m outblasting them with Madonna.

Take THAT, you fratboys, for messing with me when I’m tired 😉