Monthly Archives: August 2002

i’m going to say this one last time…

The giant bruise on my left upper arm, the 4″ x 5″ mass of dark purple, black and blue, is because I slipped in the bathtub. It is NOT because my boyfriend is beating me! Stop looking at me like I’m an abused Kirkland housewife!!

I told my sister about her contribution to this injury. She gave me the exfoliant (Origins: citrus oil and sea salt) scrub that caused this, in part. I was exfoliating away, left foot on side of tub, standing on right toes, and suddenly…my right foot went out from under me, and I 180’d around and landed on my shoulder, just missing banging my head on the faucet.

MONICA: “I had faith in you, Jill. I knew you would probably be the one person to injure themself with exfoliant scrub, but I had faith that you wouldn’t.”

I swear, I’m going to start telling people it’s leprosy. Either that, or dressing like a sk8r grrl and carrying a board so people will think I’m just klutzy. Wait, I AM klutzy. Nevermind.

last days

I just tossed the last of my grunge-era Pearl Jam T-shirts into the “used clothing dropoff bin” pile. I’m in the manic cleaning phase today. It’s the last few free hours I have between work and friends and stuff like that. I’m using them to clean house, in a desperate frenzy of activity. And deal with AUS-related stuff….yikes. The new school year starts in FIVE DAYS…and at the rate I’m going, I’m going to miss the first day of classes.

It’s a good thing that I know what I’m doing this year. This will be more like returning to UBC after an extended weekend in Seattle, rather than moving to Vancouver after four years out of university like last year.

Right. Laundry. Stupid laundry.

long day, all the way

started work at 9am today
got off work at 11:30pm
three lake tours and a f–king private charter
a SWEET SIXTEEN party, at that, with 45 somewhat annoying 15-17 year olds.
who the hell charters a boat (at $1000 for the night, at least) for their kid’s birthday party?
the other crew and i cursed the name of our manager. weren’t grad night charters enough torture?

went to “beer on the pier”, the annual Argosy crew party, both divisions, saltwater and freshwater, where everyone hangs out at Steamers on Pier 55 until that restaurant closes at midnight. saw many people from the salty team I haven’t seen since training. then went with the 10 people still partying to the Owl and Thistle until that place closed at 2am.

then I finally, 18 hours after leaving home this morning, drove home to Kirkland (after dropping off some other 1st year crew members enroute) and realized enroute…how sorry I am that the summer is four days from over.

and how i’m too tired to make sense.
but totally happy about that.

i’m slowly getting the hang of self-tanner

This time, my legs are an even brown. That’s good. I blended very well this time, and used a hair dryer to dry my legs so they wouldn’t streak, and washed all the stuff off my hands so I don’t get orange palms.

My feet, however, came out with dark brown toes, dark brown random splotches, and the occasional white spot.


investment dollars

Why is it I’m willing to drop $300 on new clothes/makeup/accessories inside of two weeks, but not spend $150 on a DVD player?

moment of silence for moment of same

Today was my last day running the Locks tour for the season.

No more quiet moments, alone on the lower deck of the boat, sitting by an open door a couple feet above water, inhaling ocean air and watching the mirrored Sound go by.

I will miss those weekly moments of tranquility.

i love my job, BUT….

there’s something wrong with waking up
being up for an hour before going to work
working a 14 hour day (to the minute!)
getting off work
coming home
getting up eight hours later to go BACK to the boat

and my hair smells like pine sol
how the hell did i get pine sol in my hair?