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for those who want to yell at the commercial sellouts

There. Now, when you want to know who it is that sang a theme song, you can.

In other news, fantastic day today. I got up early enough to go to taerobics (“Jump, Jab and Jam”) – which was actually shockingly good. No taerobics class will ever, ever top the one I went to in Amarillo, where they brought in guys from the local dojo to yell at us during the class. Plus, we got to beat up on those punching stand things.

Then I studied a bit for the LSATs, and then went to Ultimate practice with the gang. We did some drills, tossed some Frisbees, almost hit a bride crossing our airspace. Good times.

I also bought the new Dandy Warhols CD today, as well as last year’s Assemblage 23. The Dandy Warhols were the opening opening act for REM – Wilco were the opening act – but they’re more pretentious than ever now. No more songs about heroin being passe. And as for the Assemblage 23…I still have my moments where I just need a fix of goth trance.

Saw my mom and sister briefly, and then, headed to the AUS office to not get much of anything done. Downloaded some songs for a workout mix CD, pulled another Futurama episode – but overall, not much of anything. I should really head home now – even sleep is more productive than this.

at the edge of the world

It is hope that drives my ambition – and as hope has not yet returned to me (how can it when I have a broken heart?), then I have not yet been able to recover the ambition that drives my goals, at work, at life, at anything.

On Friday, driving up for REM, I thought that it is not so much going through fire that has made me stronger, but instead, going through terrible periods of emptiness. These are the times that have no particular drama to test me, no flames, no biting cold, but these are instead the times of terrible, blank despair,

the worst times of my life

i *heart* lana

Lana got me a ticket for REM today. Yay, Lana!

Mike got a job at Microsoft today. Yay, Mike!

Thom Yorke did a duet with Michael Stipe on E-Bow the Letter! Yay, E-Bow! Yay, Thom Yorke! Yay, R.E.M.!

(I love E-Bow)

SO glad I was here to see the show tonight. I love R.E.M.

yet another MTV-less year

I didn’t get to SEE the damn VMAs – although they are one of my major pop-culture addictions – because I don’t get MTV. I’m in Canada, remember. Nor would I have seen them, because I was outside running around at Ultimate practice. Yes, I have joined another sporting team. I played volleyball last year in Intramurals – and was terrible at it. This year, it’s Ultimate, although, according to the lovely Lana, I don’t suck quite so much because I can catch frisbees – probably all the practice trying to catch volleyballs last year.

So I met up with the Farshad Crew at Jericho last night, and we tossed around frisbees for two hours, and it was a lot of fun. I learned to forward-snap.

BRENDON, explaining the forward snap: “It’s like the difference between a forward slap and a backhand slap. You do that to Andrew, right?”
ME: “OH! You mean like a pimp slap and a bitch slap!”

Then we went to the Eatery, which is sponsoring our team. The team is called…*sigh*…”I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chicken”, which just makes me think of, well…”smells like fish, tastes like chicken.”

Then I helped Lana move some of her stuff back to Fairview, in exchange for a bag of peaches. She got tossed out of the ‘Geer frathouse a bit early, so we moved her junk up to a quad across the street from my old home. I half expected to catch my Danish housemate standing outside flirting with some innocent boy.

Anyways, some comments on what I heard this morning on the VMAs:

Wouldn’t it be cool if every time someone wore something as heinously hideous as Christina Aguilera’s white satin shorts (from her bridal outfit at the VMAs last night), they were simply led off to a guillotine? And immediately beheaded onstage, by a huge guy in a black mask, as a warning to others? Think about it – the people with the absolute worst fashion sense are the ones everyone hates anyways.

I heard a clip of Jack Black’s comment this morning enroute to work – about how Madonna was holding back kissing the other chick (“X-tina”? wtf?) because of the “skanky sores on her mouth”. Wow. Wow, that was awesome.

here’s johnny!

Johnny Cash is up for SIX MTV VMAs.

Good for him. It’s for his cover of NIN’s “Hurt”, which he does far more justice to than Trent Reznor could. I’m sorry, but you can hear the tragedy in Cash’s version – it makes the 1994 original sound just…kind of whiny.

Protected: a quick moment of venting

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Protected: how about NO!

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as if the brain drain wasn’t extreme enough already

Take heart, my un/under employed friends!,1640,51816|2,00.html


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