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we need corpse chalk, dammit

So here we are. Day Two of Space.

The Space is beautiful, may I add. It’s 5780 sq. feet. There’s a big general open area with a bar at one end for socialising and bzzr gardens, and easy chairs and coffee tables. I’m sitting in it now. All the walls are glass, so there’s a gorgeous view of the mountains to the north in the sunshine.

Then there’s an inner part (it’s divided into three strips, lengthwise) where the AUS offices are, and where the Underground will be based.

Then there’s a third section on the far side of THAT, on the courtyard side, for more general hanging out.

It looked and smelled like an IKEA in here yesterday. Now, there’s bodies everywhere, people sleeping still. Some of us slept over last night. Then there;s crap everywhere from the bzzr garden. And the beautiful glass doors are all smudgy.

And one of the guys and I just had to ID a body passed out around a toilet in a sleeping bag. It then got up and moved inside to an office.

All in all, the mayhem has left a trail of destruction behind it.

Now, we just have to tidy this place up, de-smudge it (this is why we can’t have nice things!) and then I can look into getting myself out to the Island. All in all, it was a bitchin’ party. I just think that nothing adds class to this joint like chalk outlines, unless it’ sAUSers drinking wine out of the bottle. Which happens a lot.

I think I’m still tipsy from last night! Woohoo!

Protected: happy hannukkah!

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Protected: i really, really have to stop this…and this time i may mean it

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sleep dep is the best mind-altering drug for a wednesday morning

I woke up this morning eating an egg white omelet out of the frypan, slugging coffee back at an amazing rate, after a whole 80 minutes of sleep time.
I’d be laughing out loud if i wasn’t in class.


we’re still here
no sleep
running on adrenaline
and residual caffeine
hoping if i crack my spine
can release caffeine
(like X users)


even more entertaining than the squirrel!

At some point, just before midnight, a girl came into the AUS office. A strange girl, who the gang in office at the time had never seen before. She came in, sat down at a non-functioning Mac, (trudeau) and started poking at it.

V-Wall asked her if she could help her.

She said she just wanted to use a computer.

And when informed she couldn’t, and that this was not a public office, she started using the phone.

V-Wall stood for that, until she started actually complaining, on the phone, about the AUSers acting, like, well, us. And asking for them to hold it down. V-Wall asked her to get off the phone after that. She complained that some “frosh girl” was bugging her.

So V-Wall cut off her conversation.

An argument ensued. She was asked to leave. Then she came back, and actually got into V-Wall’s face. Then she stormed out.

Then she came back, at 2:30am, and ripped down posters. I caught her. She stormed off again.

We called security, who busted her hiding in a washroom, while we searched classrooms for her. They made sure she left the Buchanan complex.

We’ll issue reports to the rest of the AUS tomorrow. Continuity reports on “How to Deal with Psychos.”

Euphenisms for impotence:

“There’s no snap in your turtle”
“There’s no Arts in your County Fair”
“There’s no lightning in your rod”