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we need corpse chalk, dammit

So here we are. Day Two of Space.

The Space is beautiful, may I add. It’s 5780 sq. feet. There’s a big general open area with a bar at one end for socialising and bzzr gardens, and easy chairs and coffee tables. I’m sitting in it now. All the walls are glass, so there’s a gorgeous view of the mountains to the north in the sunshine.

Then there’s an inner part (it’s divided into three strips, lengthwise) where the AUS offices are, and where the Underground will be based.

Then there’s a third section on the far side of THAT, on the courtyard side, for more general hanging out.

It looked and smelled like an IKEA in here yesterday. Now, there’s bodies everywhere, people sleeping still. Some of us slept over last night. Then there;s crap everywhere from the bzzr garden. And the beautiful glass doors are all smudgy.

And one of the guys and I just had to ID a body passed out around a toilet in a sleeping bag. It then got up and moved inside to an office.

All in all, the mayhem has left a trail of destruction behind it.

Now, we just have to tidy this place up, de-smudge it (this is why we can’t have nice things!) and then I can look into getting myself out to the Island. All in all, it was a bitchin’ party. I just think that nothing adds class to this joint like chalk outlines, unless it’ sAUSers drinking wine out of the bottle. Which happens a lot.

I think I’m still tipsy from last night! Woohoo!

Protected: happy hannukkah!

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Protected: i really, really have to stop this…and this time i may mean it

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sleep dep is the best mind-altering drug for a wednesday morning

I woke up this morning eating an egg white omelet out of the frypan, slugging coffee back at an amazing rate, after a whole 80 minutes of sleep time.
I’d be laughing out loud if i wasn’t in class.


we’re still here
no sleep
running on adrenaline
and residual caffeine
hoping if i crack my spine
can release caffeine
(like X users)


even more entertaining than the squirrel!

At some point, just before midnight, a girl came into the AUS office. A strange girl, who the gang in office at the time had never seen before. She came in, sat down at a non-functioning Mac, (trudeau) and started poking at it.

V-Wall asked her if she could help her.

She said she just wanted to use a computer.

And when informed she couldn’t, and that this was not a public office, she started using the phone.

V-Wall stood for that, until she started actually complaining, on the phone, about the AUSers acting, like, well, us. And asking for them to hold it down. V-Wall asked her to get off the phone after that. She complained that some “frosh girl” was bugging her.

So V-Wall cut off her conversation.

An argument ensued. She was asked to leave. Then she came back, and actually got into V-Wall’s face. Then she stormed out.

Then she came back, at 2:30am, and ripped down posters. I caught her. She stormed off again.

We called security, who busted her hiding in a washroom, while we searched classrooms for her. They made sure she left the Buchanan complex.

We’ll issue reports to the rest of the AUS tomorrow. Continuity reports on “How to Deal with Psychos.”

Euphenisms for impotence:

“There’s no snap in your turtle”
“There’s no Arts in your County Fair”
“There’s no lightning in your rod”

bad dj. no cookie.

Oh, and the DJ mixed snippets of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in with Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” last night.

It was creative and all…and it sounded fine…but it was just so morally wrong!

cougars and club boys, just off the trans canada

Got dragged out to suburbia late last night; what I thought would be a half-hour drive to Surrey was an hour’s schlep to Langley. The club Kristen and her friends picked was fun enough, in a scary suburban way. I am really trying not to turn into one of the 206er type people who get snooty about suburbs…but I’d never seen so much bleach outside of the Chlorox factory.

Or so many cougs. Goddamn. There must have been a dozen 40something women in that operation. There were patented suburban “wall-a-bangs”, the poofy shoulder-length 80s hair with the big pouf of bangs at the front. There were more bad dye jobs in that shade of Auburn Box Brown – where the gray comes out bright red and the rest of the hair is tinted – than I could count. There were older women in there dancing to “Bootylicious” wearing cat’s eye glasses and vests.

What the hell is trying to be accomplished there, anyways? I fail to understand. Occasionally, you’d see a cougar pair off with the male version – usually fifty, short, greasy – and look like she’d caught her prey, and is goung home to mate…and then eat him afterwards. Because everyone knows that cougars are like praying mantises.

And the boys that were there our age were overdone in that suburban overkill way. I like fratboys in Old Navy just fine. But fratboys in Old Navy, with those godawful thick, faux-ghetto silver plate chains, matching bracelets and too much hair gel…that’s Surburban North America gone wrong.

Sometimes, I want to yell, ‘LANGLEY IS NOT THE GHETTO!’ and forcibly remove people from dancing like that and using the phrase “bling bling” without even a trace of irony.

music survey

Thanks, scarlette_moon for posting this 🙂

1) If you went crazy and decided to go on a mass killing spree, what song would you be listening to as you were pumping lead/tearing apart/stabbing your victims?

Peggy Lee – “It’s A Good Day.” Or similar. Yay, U-Turn.

2) Do you have a song that you can listen to that put you in a better mood than you were in prior to listening to the song?

If I’m absolutely blown-to-hell tired and stressed, usually “Hymn to the Sea” off the Titanic soundtrack. I just pretend I’m sitting on the edge of the ocean, watching the flat silver sea, from the rocks below home on late spring night.

3) What song is your “guilty pleasure”?

“I Don’t Like The Drugs…But The Drugs Like Me.”
(Marilyn Manson, off the “Mechanical Animals” CD)

4) Is there a song/songs that made you cry? What was it/were they?

REM, “Nightswimming”
Sarah McLachlan, “Fear”
Toad, “Walk on the Ocean”
and the live version of “Round Here” off the “Across a Wire” set.

5) Name an artist you like that would surprise people who think they know you.

I actually can’t think of anything.

6) Is there a song you could never get sick of?

Right now, VNV Nations’ “Beloved”. I just really like the chord patterns.

7) Is there a song or band that you won’t listen to because of the emotional turmoil that you’re reminded of that surrounded you when you did listen to that song or band?

Not right now…although I can’t seem to listen to Tori Amos’ “choirgirl” album without losing it.

8) Describe one memory you have (off the top of your head) that surrounds a particular song, which will immediately pop into your head when you hear it, and name the song too.

Bif Naked, “I Love Myself Today.” Driving down I-5 with Monica last spring, escaping UBC for Seattle for twenty four hours, both of us gleefully singing along in a rare moment of sisterly bonding.

9) Name one CD you regret buying. Or owning.

The last Love Inc CD. The first one was at least cute. The second just bit.

10) Last but not least – Slap down lyrics from ONE song that would best describe you and/or your feelings in general. Note who it’s by, what song, and album.

ND said once I was like a girl from an Everclear song. Specifically, probably “everything to everyone” off “so much for the afterglow”. I have done an lj-cut to keep this short.

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