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Camping Season 2011

We are checking all out camping gear today, getting ready for the summer camping season


Ben and I are testing our stoves and frypans to be sure they work and we are all ready to cook in the outdoors!

Ben Plays Hockey, Just Like Quatchi

A couple weeks ago, when reading “Goodnight, Canada”, we got to the page that reads, “Good afternoon, friends playing hockey. Score a goal!” To which, Ben remarked, “They’re playing hockey! Just like Quatchi!”

Of course, if you’re not from BC, you probably have no idea what a Quatchi is. The Vancouver, 2010 mascots were three imaginary creatures: Miga (an orca-bear hybrid), Sumi (a spirit creature that was mostly bear and eagle), and Quatchi, a sasquatch. Quatchi’s dream is to be a goalie in the Olympics. This is all explained in the mascots origin stories:

The nice people at the QuatchiWatch blog put all the Quatchi hockey images into one handy post, so you can really see how much Quatchi loves the sport. And Ben also loves hockey. He plays a version of it in the hallways called “golf hockey”, or, for short, “GOHOCKEY!” This is where he whacks around small wiffle balls using the toy golf clubs my old roomate at UBC gave me as a gag gift years ago.

So you can only imagine Ben’s joy when we went to Kindergym, the drop-in playtime in Oak Bay, and he found real kids, playing real floor hockey.

“They’re playing hockey, Mama! Just like Quatchi!”

Ben ended up playing floor hockey for most of the playtime. He’s actually quite good at it…especially considering he’s never had a chance to play before:

So somehow, I have managed to raise a tiny Canadian, who loves hockey, and who sleeps with two Canadian stuffed animals. Of course, Ben has a Quatchi that my mom sent him, but he also has Rawr, who is a snow leopard or lynx or something like that. Rawr was a gift from Ben’s “Uncle Ray”, and has been his favorite stuffed animal since he was very wee. But the point is, Ben’s favorite stuffed animals, as well as his favorite game, are Canadian. Now, if I could only get the kid to say “zed”…