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aw, you said his head was the size of a baseball!!

I’m going to pack my books up here in a bit and just go down to Calhoun’s and study. I might get a bit more done down there over a mocha or something.

If its somewhat safe to drive, that is. It was massively NOT safe last night, when the snow started back up. Yes, we hadn’t even got rid of the existing crap, when a new 3″ comes down overnight. And it’s been snowing all day…but fortunately, it’s the wet kind. The kind that turns everything to slush that gets into your shoes…but at least it’s melting!

Right. So, it’s been snowing three days, and instead of going out and frolicking, I’ve been too busy FEARING FOR MY LIFE every time my car FISHTAILS on the ICE COVERED ROADS because apparently, despite being an ocean-side city, Vancouver doesn’t know the meaning of ROCK SALT.

In other news…I don’t remember Monday much. Oh, wait, yes I do. We had presentations in AUS by new charities for Arts County Fair. We don’t know who the bands are yet, but we are looking for new charities to give the proceeds to. It’s led to some massive quibbling on council over whether an organization that has only female volunteers (because it is a feminist organization that provides support and education for sexual assault victims) is appropriate at an event attended by everyone at UBC, males and females…is it too exclusive because it has no male volunteers?

Tuesday, I ran a whack of errands, one of which was going to Main Library downtown. You can see the Main Library indoor mall type plaza on the Sixth Day with Arnold Scwartzenegger…it’s what they drive through during the gala (I haven’t seen this; Melissa has). That was loads of fun, and then I went to night class…American Politics 320…and then went for Bellini Nite at Milestones with a whack of other campers.

Today, I should be studying. I won’t get a chance between now and tomorrow at 7pm to do the readings for my night class. Or the readings for my Friday morning class, or my Friday afternoon discussion group. Dammit. I really need to get this stuff done sooner. Tomorrow, like I said, I’m working, and then I have night class, and then I’m probably going to go to the Blarney Stone for the Geography Club fundraiser – all AUSers attend all other AUSer events for all other clubs.

Better go make that readings list, pack it up and go. I could have gone to WSU, but nooooo, I had to go to a quality institution like UBC. I had to go to a NON PARTY SCHOOL. I haven’t been drunk off my ass in weeks now. School is definitely back to normal.

MuchMusic’s newest VJ was a writer for the Underground, and is already being hit up to promote the Arts County Fair. Big day for UBC.

and while i’m complaining…

I keep getting Valentine’s Day related crap from,, etc. I don’t give a rats ass about Valentine’s Day! I think it’s a stupid holiday to get men to buy their wives more crap! I think I’ve celebrated it once or so…my ex-boyfriend in Victoria planned it a month in advance, bought me tulips (no roses; year of Blizzard of ’96-’97), took me to a nice restaurant, very sweet stuff, but it was, after all, also our six-month anniversary on February 14th, so it was called for.

This year, ok, I’d take roses, but I like roses…and I don’t want them at inflated V-Day prices. I don’t want my boyfriend doing anything major or spending money we don’t have. I would appreciate it if he remembered, but I don’t care if he gets me anything…so long as he remembers my birthday, it’s all good. I dislike buying into Hallmark.

What do the rest of the women out there have to say on this?

for those of you who don’t read OTHER journals from Vancouver…

It snowed here all weekend. I had to dig my car out from under 8″ of the crap when I got back from being On Island last night. Obviously, I don’t carry a snow brush, since I’ve NEVER had to dig my car out from under anything like that before…but a really nice lady came over with hers and brushed down poor l’il Zippy.

The snow at the bottom of this covering had partially melted and refrozen – probably due to the salt that would normally have crusted up my car at Tsawassen, so I was chipping the last of it off with bare hands.

It’s really pretty outside, and it looks like a totally different city, and it’s BLINDINGLY white. And the snow is melting fast out here in the Kits/Kerrisdale border region…I think it’s sticking a bit better in the suburbs. Snow in Vancouver…who can believe it?


i’m going to fall over i’m laughing so hard….little out of date, but so true, so true…*I* said that. MULTIPLE times, with regard to some product.

Also makes me glad to be back at UBC, where the meetings go more like this:

“The photocopier is fixed. Please be nice to it now. Do NOT do things like hide bottles of Scotch in it.”
(This actually happened, so said Scotch drinker started hiding it in amongst the poster supplies)

In fact, if I said that at an AUS meeting, I’d be corrected. “We don’t sell solutions…unless by ‘solutions’ you mean ‘drunk oblivion’.”

my quads ache, in that good way

Biked to school today. I’m going to do this more often now that I have warm fleecy gloves and a CD player. It’s actually quite calming, if I have a soundtrack to bike to. 35 minutes up to school today; 25 minutes down, because there is a MONSTER HILL on the way to campus. It’s more fun going down…I hardly have to pedal all the way home.

Going to Island this weekend, and to work here in a bit, as soon as I gulp down some dinner & catch a few Z’s and watch the Simpsons, of course!

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hey, the, this is for you…

well, you, and tonya, and a whack of other people:

Only in Canada, but I bought *8*, yes, *8* cans so I can share with friends…I had to dig through a pile of cans at the Safeway to get them, and i figure other fanatics will want a can or two, so I splurged and spent a whole $6 CDN (50 cents US/can) on them.

I like pasketti.

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