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“fireworks and alcohol, a bad combination”

Don’t you just expect that to be the last thing you hear before “MY FACE! MY VALUABLE FACE!!!”

We blew stuff up tonight, as a House Activity. The boys started with squealy things and firecrackers, and moved up to roman candles…and BIG roman candles.

They set them off all over the neighborhood. Including the local schoolyard. That’s where they blew up the milk jug, the plastic 2L cider bottle and…the 40oz glass bottle. Capped, of course…Big Pete almost lost a hand. Cue Tim: “Glass isn’t dangerous, is it?” No, and especially not in shrapnel form!

But here’s the remains of the milk jug.
L –> R: Tej, Pete (with blown up milkjug trophy and roman candle weaponry) and Junichi

i out-teched Mike!!

I have a HP DeskJet printer that Mike insisted wouldn’t take commands from the PC, that it was junk, to throw it out.

I decided to check that, so I downloaded the drivers from the HP site and it WORKS FINE!! He was all amazed.


russian mafia rules!!!

I’m sooooo tired.

But the Gambinovs (my mafia family at the AUS retreat in Whistler…we were Gambinos until we decided we were RUSSIAN Mafia) won the photo scavenger hunt!!

We got candy and toys and certificates saying we won. Actually, everyone got candy and toys, but I, as secretary, added that “GAMBINOVS RULE!!!!!!!!” in the Official AUS Council Meeting Minutes, and the other teams didn’t get certificates.

I’ll tell you what did it. We had the most gratitutous nudity.

We also had Jed the Turkey Baster, modeled on Ed the Sock. We were pretending he was running for mayor of Whistler. Despite his constant flashbacks, attempts to molest 12 year olds, pandhandling episodes, and a nasty memory of Jed snorting fauxcaine wearing an Afro wig, Jed lost the mayoral election.

We also had a girl kiss a complete stranger, and we had TWO shots of one guy’s ass, as he attempted to climb down from a roof.

Long story.
But we won that, and we’d already won the fort-building-skit-writing competition, so the Russians RULED the AUS retreat!

I love being young again…AUS is so fun 🙂

and i quote:

“pigeons have done terrible things to our cars for long enough. its time to exact some revenge.”

Would YOU watch a cooking show that started off like that? I just did. I captioned it. Gaslight Gourmet Episode #42: Game Birds. That, and #41, Venison. I just got home from work, too…fell asleep over the keyboard doing the guest chef segment, which was squab breast with a squab boudin, some pommes fondant and asparagus, all with a red wine sauce.

I’m wrapping the shows in 3 1/2 hours now though, down from the 6 it took me to do the first show (Episode #27: Honey). I type the 23 minute show in about an hour and a half, check it, import it into the captioning software, clean it up for stray words and for comprehension, run the show while cueing the caption boxes, and then check that work to be sure it’s totally clean and timed perfectly.

When you see those shows with lines of gibberish and misspelled words in them, those are the ones done live. The nice tidy ones are done by other drones like me.

Gaslight airs on WTN in Canada, and Knowledge Network in BC (sponsored by BC Gas). On the latter, it runs at 5pm daily.


i have finally figured out how to study

I tried those 4×6 index cards like I used to when writing papers. And I Just. Couldn’t. Get. It. I mean, it took forever to get stuff done!

So now I type out all my concepts and supporting quotes into Microsoft Word tables. Then I paste them into my paper and write the surrounding framework.

Much faster. I don’t have to handwrite anything, and all the quotes are already in soft copy, typed out!

I’m SUCH a geek. But it’s harsh, being back in school after not having written papers in over five years. Think of it that way.


I’m writing a short essay – 1000 words – on peasant differences between Western and Eastern Europe, based on the theme of social mobility, and an element of the constraints on women for upward social mobility in each region.

I caught myself at 1149 words. And that was just the document listing the concepts and quotations to incorporate.

Ooooooops. So I pruned it down, this not being a thesis. Nice feeling to write TOO MUCH though.,


just got home from hallowe’en bzzr garden.

you’d think i’d’ve remenbered hallowe’en this year. i didn’t.

but club wear plus white paint and fangs makes a costume of sorts.

sleeeepy now. thankfully, didn’t get stopped enroute home. evil, evil psyder.

waiting for Mike to get here now, but i think i’ll take a little nap

but i was using my whole ass!

my POLI 220 paper…the one on nationalist leaders – is going to be OK. My TA was actually impressed by my theoretical framework. I can stop researching now, this isn’t thesis. 10 more pages to be written…but I know what I’m doing for sure. I’m talking to a few profs now, working with them so I can do as well as possible.

I feel TONS better about the whole semester now. MUCH better. Really. Because I know I’m going to do OK. Maybe not Dean’s List OK… but certainly well enough. I can feel my brain revving up and working like a college kid’s again. It’s kinda cool, crackling brain cells.

Then it crackled a little too much, so I put it into a vodka induced coma last Saturday.

Definitely need some sleep.

want to see my homework?

wooop wooop.

see my essays and drafts and essay proposals!

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