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no deck swabbing this weekend

I’m putting the “Arrrrrrrr” back in “Arrrrrrrrrrrgosy” this weekend.

Or rather, put. Weekend over. Probably made about $300USD in two days, after taxes taken out and cash tips added in.

I waved around the $33 in cash tips I made running locks tours today and exclaimed, “This is a month’s on campus drinking money!”

HUGE wedding last night on the MV Kirkland. And they MADE US TAKE DOWN THE PICTURE OF CAPTAIN FRITZ! Captain Fritz was the first owner and skipper of the Kirkland, back when it was the Tourist II and did runs inthe 1920s and 30s across the Columbia River, west of Portland. He still haunts the boat. If his picture is removed from its spot across from the 1st deck bar, or defaced, he wreaks havoc.

So when the wedding coordinator informed the skipper last night that we had to take down Fritz, the skipper said no, because every time he’d worked when someone took down Fritz, it was a “complete fucking disaster”. Arguing ensues. Manager is called in from where he is hosing outer deck. Manager puts Fritz in back room, covering the photo’s eyes so “he won’t know what’s going on.” (“But what about when you UNCOVER his eyes and he’s in the galley?”)

Fortunately, Fritz didn’t do much damage. A wineglass mysteriously shattered all over the place; the stem and base just seemingly exploded while a customer was holding it. Last time, Fritz blew up a 16oz glass that was sitting out on the bar, so that wasn’t too surprising. And I found a set of boat keys in my bag that I hadn’t put in there. But that’s all the vengeance wreaked.

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?


The letter of appeal worked! I got into Fairview a week ahead of schedule!
being a squeaky wheel rules!

by the way, you can see my parents house from here!

progress report

Housing has got through 88 of the 100 girls who must be moved out of the Totem temp housing before they start attacking the waiting list. That means that 12 more kids must be relocated out of the Totem Park lounges, and then they will start relocating those of us waiting to get into housing. I am #13 on the wait list.

I am determined to get into housing, even if I end up sleeping a couple weeks in the AUS office.

Meanwhile, as for the rest of the school year, I suddenly realized that I should start applying to law schools. Dammit. That plus homework plus extra curriculars plus upcoming LSATS means…constant fantasizing about running away from home back to West Texas or New Mexico or similar, someplace with a whole lot of nothing out there, rocks and scrubby grazing lands and sagebrush and cactus and sunsets and miles of sky and NONE OF THIS STUPID VANCOUVER TRAFFIC. And no stress, no pressure, just a stupid blue collar job, cheap rent, and sunshine. But enough of that, back to the books, oh joy! I love school..I just wish it wasn’t so…consuming.

valley of the twenty-something guys

There’s a Sex and the City episode with that title. Season One. Are twenty something men the new designer drug?

I’m only 23. Most of the guys that referred to were older than I am. For those of us living this quasi-junior-SaTC experience, I guess that refers to 20 year old guys. Or 19 year olds. Who are barely out of high school. I didn’t date guys like that even when I was that age! I started dating Mike when I was 21 and he was 24! I’ve turned into one of those girls who wake up divorced one day to find themselves in a whole new age bracket!

Where is all this going? Just basically that tomorrow is the Welcome Back BBQ. And I went out and bought a new messenger bag today, because I intend to bike to skool tomorrow, because I intend to be stupid drunk by 7pm. Me and my posse of girlfriends, including at least one other newly single girl, are out to wreak havoc in the Valley of the Twenty-Year Old Guys that is the University of BC on a drunken Friday night.

Last night, me and Melissa attempted to go to the Pit to experience all this again. We got there to find a massive delay at the door. And one of my psycho former housemates in the line, who FORTUNATELY did not more than glance in my direction. I was hoping those losers had all flunked out. Anyways, I didn’t want to be in a half hour lineup, losers or no, so we decided to go pub hopping on campus.

The Gallery was, as it usually is before Friday, dead. Koerner’s, however, had a similar half hour delay. Eventually, we said “screw this”, and called up the boys down at the Animal House. Our friends Jack, Dan and Dereck all got a house together, really close to Melissa’s, so we went there. Amd in honour of Jack and Dan, I brought a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. A couple of Jack and Seven’s later, the stress of the day was beginning to fade (it was a massively dramatic, stressful day for reasons I will not disclose here), albeit, not completely.

So Wednesday was kind of a letdown. Friday, I’m hoping, will be better hunting.

By the way, for the information of a certain lion in Kirkland, I’m NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING REALLY BAD. I”m just out to do some flirting, be 23, and so on. So there 😛

down time

It has got to be one of the most beautiful days of the month in Vancouver today. Driving back from downtown, Melissa pestered me into taking the scenic route past Locarno Beach. It was so vivid, and so beautiful…it was enough to quiet the misgivings I’ve been having about being back in this city. It’s unlikely, butI miss Seattle, and I miss left turn lanes, and I miss FREEWAYS, real American masses of concrete and excess that they are.

Today, the mountains are free of snow, the sky is that shade of Pacific Northwest Blue (TM) that sets off the green trees and makes the harbour look like crushed blue velvet. The city sparkles, and it smells like back to school, like a new year outside. Vancouver, today, is what Technicolor was invented to describe.

Last days of quiet time before the school crunch comes down. Easy schedule does not mean slacking off. I should at least be studying for the LSATs. I’m here to pick up those books, and then go pay some fines and pick up more books, to start studying. Which, speaking of, I best be doing.


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