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econoline crush are not amused by us

Maybe they were just tired…or maybe it was because I was standing with the guy who CRASHED the (Econoline) van with Trevor Hurst in it at Arts County ’99, but they did not want to talk to the Underground tonight, or anyone else, at all, and the drummer was not amused when we asked what his favorite Who’s the Boss episode was. AT ALL. He said he didn’t watch that shit. Well, damn, dude, where’s your sense of humour?

The band was too tired to talk, but it was a kick-ass show. It’s too bad that they had to play the Pit and Area 51 in Chilliwack this tour though…they’re hometown, it should have been a bigger show. Poor EC. Especially when Nickelback are going MTV Stateside.

going to sleep. tired.

need more coffee!

Econoline Crush in a few hours. Shaddap.

I was vacuuming the AUS office – which was FILTHY – today, and guess what got caught in the vacuum?


I wonder if anyoneknows anything about THAT.



I just handed in my last essay today – Greek Colonization, 750-500BCE. It was not easy to get done. First of all, I’m brain dead here. I have been working REALLY hard last few weeks and thinking FAR TOO MUCH. And thinking hurts. But the last one, I finally forced it out, onto paper, and wrote the last 500 words over lunch today at the AUS office.

NOTE: Writing at the AUS office, while far nicer than the computer labs, is not smart, because everyone is rampaging around spouting off hilarious commercially-viable dislogue, and its distracting. It should be a sitcom.

So now, I have a few more things to look forward to:

1 day to econoline crush at the pit, who are one of my favorite bands, especially as a live act. I saw them last in Amarillo. I got to hang out with them there because I was the only Canadian in town.

16 days until I leave for Amarillo, where it is about 30F and SNOWING. Every time I tell my dad it is snowing in Texas, he tells me I’m making that up, because Texas is desert and cactuses and it doesn’t snow there.

21 days until LORD OF THE RINGS!!! Man, I am so tired of having to imagine what this movie looks like. I want it imagined for me. That’s Harry Potter related sarcasm, ha ha.

So yeah, and now it’s time to go get dinner with Mike, who is here for the rest of the week, yay! And I’m going home to the Island this weekend, yay again. And all I have to do now is get through exams and I’m FREE! FREE, I TELL YOU! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!




If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Arwen, Elf, the daughter of Elrond.

In the movie, I am played by Liv Tyler.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Character Test

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this place gets slantier all the time!

Fun night here at the Slanty Shanty (THANKS Monica 😛 )

I finally got the rental agent to send a repair guy over to look at the leak in my bathroom ceiling. After taking half the ceiling off, we were able to see the light from MY bathroom through a hold in the tub in the guys’ bathroom upstairs. Y’know that tub drainage thingyamabobby, the one at the front of the tub, above the main drain? The front of that was missing, and water was going into the walls and into my bathroom.

So I just had to scrub all the plater bits and moldy water out of my bathroom. I needed to scrub it anyways, so it’s all good…dang good thing Jen wasn’t here to see how horrific that bathroom is. If I don’t scrub it with some hardcore shit – 409, usually – every couple weeks, it gets dead bugs and cobwebs and more mildew. It will never be completely clean…it wasn’t tiled right. But at least now I can use the toilet without getting rained on.

I think my lungs are bleeding from the fumes now.

Went out to Surrey to visit the moogs. Mike’s out there…he went to the border and there’s a four hour lineup again…4-6, I’d say. So he’s staying here again, will try to get back to the US tomorrow. Maybe they caught another terrorist or something, and they’ve gone back to the 9/12 protocol. Who knows.

No sliding down the stairs tonight for the boyzzzz. They’re quiet. For now. I swear, the Slanty Shanty gets slantier every damn day.

necrophile, necrophile, i love the dead

That is the message which is sent out to the AUS mailing list when/if people leave their e-mail open at the office. Being drunk, I left my e-mail open. But Melissa sent it to the wrong address and it bounced!


Bzzr garden went well…lots of people. My housemates were kicked out after one of them somehow CLIMBED UP ON A LEDGE 12 FEET OFF THE GROUND. Junichi got up on the ledge (about 3ft wide) above the snack bar in the A200 lounge, and was dancing around up there. I wasn’t worried…not like I would be if it was one of the other guys…but it got them all thrown out.

It was time for them to go…I found one of the AUSers minding them because Tim was trying to throw himself down the stairs in a corner of the lounge. And without a frypan under his ass, yet!

Later, in the Student Union Building, I found our good friend the Professor, head of security, escorting Tim out, because Tim had been thrown out of ONE TOO MANY events…our bzzr garden, the Pit (campus bar) twice, and the Ukrainian club’s vodka garden in the SUB.

There were some other amusing moments…like when my sister showed up, already drunk, and half the AUS guys macked on her before I told them that was my little sister, and when one of the other club reps (male) hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks before I could say “have you met my boyfriend, Mike?” He jumped back, blushed, apologized, and wouldn’t dance with me later because he said Mike would kill him.

Mike himself is still chuckling about that.

We wrapped our garden, drove back the DJ booth equipment, and then caught up with the History Club crew down at the Pit. I had to then go look for Melissa and the rest of the gang…we’re the BAD ASS AUSers, I’m told…down at the Aggie bzzr garden. Which was not just a bzzr garden, but had a MECHANICAL BULL!

We chased the mythical mechanical bull all over campus, and met new people also chasing it, and eventually found it, in an unfamiliar building we snuck into. Mike rode it. He was a DISGRACE TO TEXAS! Sam Houston is spinning in his grave.

Post-bull, we went to Koerner’s pub, about ten of us, found the History crew there…again…and couldn’t get rid of them all the way out to the parking lots.

Mike and I went for dinner at the Vineyard post-drinking, and now, I must sleep…my knees hurt and I’m one tired camper. Good night though…I’m having SUCH a blast this time around!

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jackass, live at the slanty shanty

Here’s what my housemates have done tonight:

1) Rode a frypan down the stairs
2) Taped Junichi down into a box
3) Rode a plastic bag down the stairs
4) Tim poured water all over his chest, then took off his shirt, then smeared BBQ sauce all over his bare chest and tried to get Junichi to lick it off.
5) Rode cardboard boxes down the stairs

They probably did more…but I’m hungry, and tired, so I’ve forgotten it. Photos soon. Pete took them.

It was f**king funny though.