another sunday with a tiny boy

For some reason today, I feel hung over. Headache, lethargy, everything. But since I had zero alcohol last night, it doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can figure out is that it’s habit from being out. Or it could just be lack of sleep (my wake-up call went off at 5:30am. I went to sleep at 1am. Paul let me sleep until 8am, but STILL)

We’ve been having Family Time Weekend. Well, except for my junket out to Bootie last night, and that was after Ben went to sleep. We’ve done the grocery shopping, started tidying and de-cluttering the house, and now we’re working on cleaning out our cars. We are TURNING AROUND BEN’S CARSEATS this weekend, so we may as well get out all the Ben-generated dried food & grime while we’re at it.

Oh, and we are celebrating several Ben related milestones this weekend as well. Ben can…:

– eat his own cut-up food off a plate (he’s eating an all-natural turkey hot dog, with chopped tomato and pickles on the side right now for lunch)
– stand for at least seven seconds on his own
– walk while holding onto only ONE HAND
– mimic words closely
– follow along with “Thomas the Tank Engine” plot lines, interjecting “uh-oh!” when appropriate

In short, Ben is really becoming a toddler, not a baby. He’s a tiny boy! And he is no longer the wee-est baby in his immediate surroundings! We have joined the legions of people who shop before 10am, because we’ve all already been up for five hours with our children, and in doing so, we see lots of babies now SMALLER then Ben. He used to be one of the littlest guys wherever we went; now, he’s bigger. Actually, he’s both older AND taller than many babies we see. I took him to the playground on Friday, and he was taller than the 14 month old girl that he was parallel playing with.

Oh, and now, the Tiny Boy Summer Vacation Countdown:

– 18 days until Grandma & Grandpa get in from Pittsburgh to visit! YAY FREE CHILDCARE!
– 25 days until we go to Victoria!
– 46 days until we return to Savannah!
– 61 days until we have our very first day at DISNEYLAND with Cool Aunt Naf (and possibly Aunt Forestry Kate!)

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