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Day of the Longboat in LA

I just posted about our rivalry with CD13 to

It’s like Day of the Longboat! All the friendly rivalry and post-race drinking, only in Los Angeles instead of UBC!

I also saw SUPERMAN RETURNS on Tuesday at an early show, but I’m slammed at work this week, sorely behind in blogging, and haven’t had time to write up how much Kate Bosworth’s very existence is an insult to Margot Kidder and Lois Lane. I’m also dreadfully behind in friends list, so if there’s anything big I missed, tell me about it in the comments.

I have to go back to the coal mines now.

Sunset From The Train

Originally uploaded by rain queen.

A photo of the Los Angeles sunset, taken from the Gold Line train going from downtown out to Pasadena on Friday night. This is why I like taking the trains: the buses are crowded and stressful, but the Gold Line is beautiful. I took a whole batch of photos that are up on my Flickr page, all in the golden summer sunset light. The scenery of the hills outside of downtown, along the Gold Line and the 110, doesn’t seem like it’s even part of the megalopolis of Los Angeles, and it feels like escaping the city every time.

Incidentally, I posted a LOT of stuff to Flickr tonight. Check out the new sets.

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five things that make me happy right now

1. Sunshine out my window, and my view of the canals.
2. Knowing my cat is safe & sound in Seattle. In fact, he has already bonded with his human counterpart, and then he went back to napping.
3. Going out to the clubs with my boyfriend, like I’m going to be doing shortly to Malediction Society. Oops, sorry, Shadow Society. They swapped nights.
4. Jumping around my room to Le Tigre, “TKO”
5. This organic minty chocolate bar.

Actually, there’s a lot of things that make me happy, even though I’m pretty tired right now and have way too much work to get through if I want to be out of here at 9:30 to get to the club.

it’s better than being down the coal mines

I’m working today on an analysis of competitor sites for a client pitch Tuesday. I’m rapidly re-learning what a terrible idea is to spend all day Saturday drinking when you have to use your brain the next day. Because yesterday, it was a day of back to back parties, and I started drinking at 3pm – and ended around 1am. And it’s been years since I did a ten hour boozeup like that, by which I mean, since I was in my last year at UBC.

So right now, I’ve just slammed a diet Red Bull into my system, and I’m eating organic chocolate and listening to a mix CD the boyfriend made me, seventeen tracks of Chameleons UK (including the song that was on when he asked me to dance at Bar Sinister) and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and hoping that I can trance into work enough to get analysis of ten sites done in two hours.

Which is what I’m going to do right now instead of writing blog entries. But there’s going to be some stuff coming on soon – photos from the Gold Line train ride on Friday, and a tale of Dragon Boat practice. And I should have new stuff up on Flickr tonight. Links to both sites are to the right. Remind me to post all that stuff if I don’t get it all live tonight and tomorrow.

So much for just taking a Sunday to be hung over.

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and in the news from hollywood

Clonie Gowen is challenging Paris Hilton to a poker game.

Clonie is a former Miss Oklahoma who is appearing in MAXIN this month, and is decreed by some to be the world’s hottest professional poker player. She’s also one of the nine original poker pros who were on Team Full Tilt. And she’s telling Paris to put her skills where her mouth is. Which I’m sure she does on a very, very regular basis, but this time, we’re talking about poker skills. (RIMSHOT!)

Anyways, Full Tilt is putting up $100,000 for the tournament, and it goes to the winner’s choice of charities. So here’s hoping Paris sashays her way up to the table, because that would be a LOT of cash for the needy. Besides, Paris thinks she’s a poker player, even though she’s rumoured to have lost her Bentley in a game. Let’s see her prove it.

And not that I know anything about it, but if you see this particular clip of info on other blogs out there, please tell me so I can track it. Not that I, y’know, seeded the blogosphere with this one, with the help of a wonderful former colleague who runs

In other news, this dress looked better in black. And it looked better in black on me.

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there’s a club where you’ve got to go, you might meet somebody who really loves you

I need a better cover story on how I met my boyfriend.
and you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own (does anyone get a relationship out of a club hookup?)

i feel very L.A. today

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon at Kate Somerville, getting work done on my face. Look folks, I’m not as young as I used to be, and the skin under my eyes is getting a bit, well, crepey. I’m horrified to see this happening. That, and the treatment was complimentary for me – long, job related story – so I was happy enough to go.

And I have to say, whatever they did, worked. They must have taken off layers of skin, because what’s left is perfect, tight, smooth skin. I was transfixed by it when I looked in the mirror. My skin was suddenly several degrees brighter, which made my eyes look bigger and lighter, and brought out the color on my lips and cheekbones. I look like I’m twenty-two again, or what I would have looked like at twenty-two if I’d had a hundred dollars to blow on skincare products. This is just ridiculous. Now I know how Paris Hilton gets her skin to look so good, despite her unhealthy lifestyle: she’s a client of the same clinic.

What did they do, you ask? Well, they:

– broke up the dead skin with ultrasound
– removed the dead skin with cleanser
– put an enzyme mask on to eat away at the dead skin
– squeezed out the really clogged pores
– put on a protein mask, and took it off again
– pushed some sort of hyaluronic acid serum into my skin with hyperbarbaric oxygen. I am not making this up.
– applied a vitamin lotion with A, C, E and all sorts of antioxidants
– put me under a red light that is supposed to stimulate collagen production
– finished off applying the Quench hydrating serum and a daytime, SPF 30 moisturizer

It was just insane. And I think what really helped was the elimination of the dead skin and the protein mask and the hydration, but it was cool to have all those machines going over my face. I like machines and sci-fi, after all. But regardless of what actually had the greatest effects, my face looks fantastic, and that’s all a client should care about.

And then I was sent off with a bag containing a cleanser, the vitamin lotion, the hydrating serum, daytime moisturizer with SPF, and nighttime moisturizer. And I intend to just show all of it to the boyfriend when he gets to my house tonight and tell him to put his chemistry PhD to work telling me exactly what it is that’s going into these products.

Finally, on the way out, a lady asked me what I used on my face. “Um. Oil of Olay face wash, and Boots drugstore moisturizer,” I told her. She was surprised. “That’s all? You’re very lucky. You have good skin.” The same lady also told me, earlier, while she was doing my makeup (light powder, light blush, light cream eyeshadow on the browbones and at the inside corners, and honey-colored lip gloss) that I also didn’t need makeup, because I had good features: striking green eyes, a good brow arch, great skin. So I left not only with my skin looking fantastic, but with my self-esteem renewed as well. And that is worth almost as much to me as the actual treatment itself.

Every time I get something cosmetic done to my skin, I feel very very Los Angeles. And the reason I feel very LA is because I took part in the symbolism of spending money for youth, sometimes, that matters as much as the results. Then again, at twenty-seven, I can still afford to say that. Let’s see if I’m still as philosophical at thirty-five.