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drama! (an amarillo memory moment, three years ago right now)

“apparently she could fit everything but the kitchen sink in Satan, her truck…even the DVD”
-tonya, on shawna leaving

july 25th, 1999

Shawna the biker hooker is now halfway to Houston, in Satan. Satan is stuffed to the brim with everything – clothes, microwave, TV…and her ex-boyfriend/roomate’s DVD. Chris, the ex, is now calling the cops and sending them after Tonya, who was s camped here for the nite, for obvious reasons.
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into the fire

open the doors that lead on into eden, no more cheap disguise, i follow the signs marked back to the beginning, no more compromise…”

–sarah maclachlan, “into the fire”

july 8th, 1999
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blasphemous rumours

“don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours but i still think god’s got a sick sense of humour & when i die i expect to find him laughing…”
–depeche mode, “blasphemous rumours”

july 4th, 1999

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