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so much for homework

I should be reading several hundred pages of US Constitutional Law right now, but I got distracted. Went to the gym tonight for well over an hour. Mike bought some kind of energy drink, which I consumed about a third of, and that, combined with a wide selection of bad pop-music MP3s kept me bouncing on an elliptical trainer for awhile. And then I did some bonus cardio on the stationary bike while reading a new issue of Cosmo someone left at the 24 hour fitness.

Meanwhile, while I worked my ass off on the cardio machines, Mike disappeared to go for a walk in the drizzle with his Seattle best friend. Anyways, we now have a bet. Whoever can lose the most weight or get the most in shape by end of summer (Labour Day) wins. It’s a win-win situation.

We came home, I grilled up fajitas for everyone, and we watched the South Park episode which is all Simpsons homages. I discoursed on cartoon philosophy. And the difference between muppets and puppets (Crank Yankers was on also). I should have been allowed to major in cartoons and muppets…too bad pre-Industrial Britain sounds SO much more plausible.

aren;t we young and fabulous seattlites?

Just got home from work. Yes, it’s 2am, but I didn’t leave the boat until 1:15, and even then, went over to the bar/restaurant next to the boats with the other guy on my shift to unwind. We’d been serving people liquor for hours and hours and decided we were entitled to some ourselves. One drink apiece was it though, then we were too tired to sit on barstools any longer.

I was disappointed about not getting to go out on a Satuday night, but I went out last night with some of Mike’s friends from Microsoft. Went to happening Seattle bar and happening Seattle club. Bit too much alcohol. Had to shove one of Mike’s friends into other friend’s car for ride back to Eastside.

We started down at the Frontier room, which used to be the Last Dive Bar in Belltown. Now, it’s the Most Rugged Yuppie Bar in Belltown. Logs stacked against the wall, a giant photo of a huge tree being hauled away over the bar, antlers next to the TV and…country music interspersed with club tracks. Songs about Texas alternating with Kylie Minogue. Disorienting. The place was an obvious yuppie breeding ground, and was full of small groups of both sexes on the make. Including Mike’s two friends. But because they were not succeeding there, and quite frankly, we were tired of the place, someone decided it was time to leave the rugged manliness of the Frontier Room to go someplace less obsessed with wilderness.

So we moved on to Club Medusa, which is a new Greco-Roman themed club in…you guessed it…Belltown! Lineup outside was long. Way too long. Twenty minutes long. But we all wanted to see what the hell would justify that kind of lineup in Seattle, so we stayed through it, paid our $10 cover (!) and danced to trendy rave music. Alcohol stopped at 2am…but the club was still open and packed until 4am. The bouncers almost had to throw one of Mike’s friends out towards the end though, and that’s when we left.

The club itself was very mid-90s New York. Very “metropolitan”…the type of place where girls order Cosmopolitans and guys order Long Islands. We were drinking Long Islands with Jaeger instead of Coke…DEFINITELY the biggest mistake since the “do not drink things which come out of a vat” incident in March. Anyways, the club was very…not Seattle. Bouncers in matching black suits over black T-shirts, one of them a 7’2″ white guy, another a 400 pound black guy named (I am not making this up) “Tiny”. Fountains in corners. A bathroom attendant to hand out the Q-Tips, Tampax and hairspray. Two bars, one at the end of a packed dance floor.

I got hit on way too much between the two places. Likely because, for once, I look normal…halter top and wide leg jeans, straightened hair, eyeliner and hoop earrings. I was, however, highly insulted by the guy who hit on me, saying “I like big girls.” I asked Mike to wipe the floor with said guy, but as he was wearing a wife beater, Mike wrote it off to dumbassery, and refused. Pity stayed his hand.

I did, however, get hit on by guys who did not insinuate that they were doing it because I was a larger girl. One Canadian guy I’d met at the first bar we started at, swore he was in love with me by end of evening. Mike had to menace him. While Mike was dealing with his very drunk friend, I went out to flirt, because I was obviously having a good night, and ended up dancing with a guy who was stationed with the Air Force. He asked me to dance to “Closer”, saying “This is one of my favorite songs.” I replied, “mine too!” He then asked, “do you know who this is?” Evidently, I’d done too good a job of playing normal girl…if I, I, Jillian, who owns EVERY SINGLE HALO and then some, needed to be asked…did I know who Nine Inch Nails was. I must have done a good job looking like the kind of girl who thinks Nelly Furtado is deep and spiritual. Ugh. Frightening.

Mike showed up mid next song (SANDSTORM! really, it was…ah…ACF memories) and I just told the guy, “sorry, got to go, my date’s here.” He said, “what?” I was already halfway across the dance floor, and so I just called, “Thanks for the dance!” and spun and left with the guys. Sometimes, it is the act, more so than the person it is directed to, which reminds me of what I have the potential to be: a bad caricature of myself, phased in with too many bad-girl melodramas.

On that note, I had a bitchin’ night at work tonight, and evidently, summer is only getting better. $38 cash in tips tonight, plus around another $80 enroute in my paycheque…my cut of the hosted bar tab. Argosy just pays the staff directly, splitting up 15% of hosted bar packages among whoever’s working that charter. I made almost twice as much in tips as I did in ten hours of base pay. Sweet. Or sad, depending on how you look at it. And I got to see a couple of girlfriends who work on the downtown side of the water when we were parked down there after dropping off our guests. Good night overall. Good night everybody.


We’re out of coffee for the French press coffeemaker. Which means that if I want my coffee, I have to toddle over to the Starbucks a couple half-block turns away. I’m debating it because I’m getting dizzy.

No AM class today, just the 1:10 class, which means I have about an hour to get cleaned up and out of here and over to the UW. I hate being a commuter…I feel extra-terrible now for all my friends who were commuters at UBC.

Reading f–ked company and their entries on Worldcom (“Worldcorn”) because one of Mike’s friends works there. I just noticed f–kedcompany has personals. Do we want bitter tech-industry refugees reproducing with each other?

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ooh, new miscellaneous boat injuries

I still ache from the gym yesterday. And I just got off work, which makes it twice as bad. It’s all well and good to bartend, to deckhand, and so on…but its the cleaning of the boat at the end of the night that kills me. And I have a new creative deckhand-related injury on my right thigh.

Wasn’t going to work today – the girl who took my daytime shift after I announced I would be in class today was going to take the charter tonight as well, since both were on the Kirkland boat. But she called and offere it back to me when I got home this afternoon, and, since it meant an extra $100, I jumped on it. An extra $100 and a catered meal on board.

I’m tired now. I wanted a nap when I got home to start with. But I gotta save up that housing deposit, y’know. Speaking of which…I got the Shanty deposit back today…yay! But this also means I have to talk to my ex-housemates…boo! I was hoping they’d all just disappear….maybe not all of them, but certainly the really horrible ones, who will accuse me of “ripping them off” no matter what I do.

I like this track. It reminds me of luv-a-fair.

School’s definitely harsher than it was the last time I was here. It was also none too bright for me to take American constitutional law without first memorizing the damn Constitution. Which is not an excuse, because the prof did his undergrad at frickin’ MCGILL. A Canadian teaching senior undergrad American constitutional law…ha! Anyways, it’s tough going, all uphill, it feels like, because I just don’t understand what I’m reading easily…all Supreme Court opinions and what not, and it’s tough.

Going to go watch Star Trek reruns of some kind (likely TNG or Voyager) and chill out. Will deal with homework on the bus in the AM. Sleep now.

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a letter home from Camp AUS

Went to camp this weekend. Yay camp! I’m thinking I will refer to it as either “one time, at AUS Camp…” or as Camp Whiskey You’re The Devil, because we sang that song about eight times an hour while drinking around the fire.

I had to leave Saturday morning to go to work, and abandon the rest of the gang to the wilderness, but that was OK…money called.

Started summer school today. *sigh* Will finish update later.

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aus in seattle (a ubc interlude)

Some of the AUSers showed up today in Seattle. Mike is cowering in fear (ACF trauma syndrome). We went all over town. We walked from the Argosy parking lot at Lake Union (it was someplace to leave the cars) to the Seattle Center, got sno-cones and sat by the fountain. The Internation Fountain. Which is coordinated to music. So every so often, at a crescendo, a huge geyser of water would shoot up…and blow over us. So three of us got soaked. The fourth sneaked back a few feet to avoid the deluge.

Then we went on the boat. Wisely, the gang opted for the Lakes tour, which meant…cheap margaritas. All tours are fun when you have four shots of tequila in you. At end of tour, we decided we’d better go eat and sober up, so I led the gang to Tacos Guaymas, home of the Burritos The Size Of Your Head. Three of the four of us defeated our burritos. It was tough going, but we did it.

Then we attempted to go through downtown, but couldn’t find parking, so we went to Fremont to visit…LENIN! Yes, the big statue of Lenin in Fremont! It is 20 feet tall and was from the Czech Republic, at the fall of the USSR. Now it sits in Fremont, to encourage art…right next to a Taco del Mar.

Then I sent the gang home, and I came back to Kirkland to organize myself for camping with them tomorrow. I have missed the AUS. Not that much, because Argosy is an older AUS on boats, but I have missed them. It is good to see them again.

shanty resolved and over

more good news: i talked to the shanty landlord, and we will be getting most of our deposit back, as expected, next week. finally. just had to call and harass her more.