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summer job time!

I have a summer job! It’s a stupid college kid job, but I disliked the idea of doing office work all summer anyways. I’m gonna be an Onboard Tour Guide on Argosy Cruises. I’ll be working on the boat, doing tours and private parties, and what got me the job was my seemingly perky All-American College Kid personality and my love of Pacific Northwest tourism and history. No, really. Stop laughing. I do love local history, and I guess the tongue piercing disguise worked.

Also talked to UW temp employment services this morning…so if the Argosy thing isn’t as much fun as riding those little boats around all day sounds like it would be, I may pick up some work there.


I just swapped out the top part of the metal barbell in my tongue for a flesh coloured bit. It’s almost invisible now. I tend not to mess with my more permanent jewelry; my bellybutton piercing has been in since 1998, but now that I have mastered the tongue, I might swap the ring out for the more trendy curved barbell.

Anyways, all set for job interviews tomorrow now. Go me.

back in seattle, almost for good

Because my roomates finally proved themselves to be MEAN idiots, instead of just idiots, accusing me of inflating the hydro bills to rip them off (yes, they’re crazy losers), etc., I moved most of my stuff back to Seattle on Monday night, aka The Day From Hell. I’m trying to forget everything from pretty much all Monday up until 4am Tuesday morning when I got back to Seattle…except for a couple hours hanging out with some friends.

So I’m in Seattle pretty much permanently, except for a few days in Vancouver this weekend, during which time I’ll be staying at Melissa’s. I’m going back up Thursday after some job interviews, then have the ACF after party Friday, then will do a quick trip Sunday to drive my furniture down south, return that night (because I’m borrowing a truck), and then stay up in Vancouver at Melissa’s for a couple days more, driving her to the airport Tuesday morning and heading home from there…*sigh*…I’m going to miss her so much. She was really supportive on Monday when I needed it.

Anyways, I’m going to go take on parts of the apartment. Mike started rearranging it earlier so that we could fit all my crap back in…there’s a lot of stuff coming back down from Vancouver, carload by carload, plus two futons and a desk. Finally, a psuedo-couch! Yay!

Protected: worst day ever

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which “monty python and the holy grail” character are you?

this quiz was made by colleen

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