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dear tori spelling: stop getting knocked up!

At least, stop getting knocked up when I do. The next child of Dean “I Knocked Up Donna Martin” McDermott is due within the next couple weeks – which means that they could be at Cedars Sinai at the same time I am trying to give birth.

Jamie Lynn Spears isn’t due until July 10th, so let’s hope she holds it in there until then.


all connected

I’ll probably be using Twitter Mobile once I actually go into labor to produce status updates. Seriously. Paul will probably pry my BlackBerry out of my hands at some point. Twitter is just the most practical application for broadcasting these things, because I can:

a) tie it into LJ via LoudTwitter, resulting in a daily tweet summary each night
b) tie it into Facebook to auto-update my status

I’m now all set up on the above. Maybe now, I will start actually using the Twitter, on which I can be followed here.

(BTW – My Livejournal posts here also x-post to Facebook, so I apologize for those of you seeing posts multiple times.)

sex & the city :: the trailer

When I was in my early 20s, I was a fairly solid fan of Sex and the City. At the time, when I was in the midst of the post-college identity crisis, it embodied some of the urban sophistication I wanted to achieve when I grew up. Also, at the time, it was sort of a cutting edge TV show regarding sexual mores. And it taught Important Relationship Lessons involving easily understood archetypes that real life men could be mapped onto.

I am now 29. I now feel I have outgrown the show – and I’m not even the age that the characters were when the pilot came out. Now, when I watch it, I’m relieved to no longer be anywhere near that kind of existence. Watching it from here, as a grownup, I think – are these the sort of priorities I would have wanted to have in my thirties anyways? Probably not.

Now, watching the movie trailer, I just kind of want to throw up. This seems to exemplify every bad female stereotype possible. Did we backslide in the last ten years since the show started? Somehow, the show seems narrower – like the only options for a woman in life are to hang onto her youth through artificial, mentally and physically taxing means, or to get married and reproduce. Some women do both. But the whole thing strikes me as socially irrelevant and demeaning. The characters were always meant to represent female archetypes and characteristics themselves. But now it’s worse: now they represent cliches.

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