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Graham is writing a paper with a bucket on his head, in an attempt to discourage me from my muderous rant over my ex-boyfriend being an ass and accusing me of being drunk all day.

Really. He’s writing a paper with a bucket on his head. I don’t know how he does it sometimes. The mayhem!

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this is the most excitement we’ve had all day

So I’m hanging with the gang in the office after class, and suddenly, we see a squirrel on the outside of an open window of the Buchanan B-block. It suddenly drops into the classroom. We all exchange glances. One of the guys takes off for the classroom at top speed. I follow.

I find him tapping the heater on the side of the wall, where the squirrel has gotten stuck. There’s space inside these heaters for whole colonies of squirrels, after all, but we don’t know if it will cook the squirrel. Four of us poked at it for a few minutes, then gave up, and decided that maybe if we left the squirrel would come out on his own.

Quote: “if the squirrel roasts, we can make it into gumbo and call it squmbo!”

We should really go up and check on it again. For the record, it was in B319.

another episode in College Drama Land

Yet another weekend gone by…and I still have studying to do. Dammit. And I have student services stuff to get done tonight, which is why I’m even online, here in the AUSffice.

Friday was the History bzzr garden. It was amusing enough, mostly because jello shots were involved. A wide variety of jello shots. Which were basically all congealed alcohol. We should have put warnings on them. I did set up and poured for two hours and then did some take down. By then, we had about fifteen people crammed into the AUSffice – a mix of the AUSketeers and the BioPsych people who had wandered over to do jello shots when their garden closed an hour before ours did. It was then made a mission to kill the keg.

I suggested Texas-style kegstands, but unfortunately, the keg was not compatible with that.

I left that gathering and went to Koerner’s with my friend Kristen. She’s UBC alumni, and she and Melissa and I are usually found in the same place. Melissa calls her Chesty LaRue, and calls me Big Boobs McGee. Koerner’s was mostly boring. So we left.

Saturday, I got homework done! Unbelievable! I read all day. Or rather, until 3pm.. Which is when I decided to go deal with the Hallowe’en costume – or lack thereof – situation. I was debating going as an alien host victim, in cargo pants and shredded low cut tank top and with an alien escaping my midriff. It would involve both tits AND gore, a perfect Animal House costume. But i couldn’t find an alien head. Scrap that.

Plan Two was Lara Croft. After all, back when I lived in GeekLand, guys were always telling me I looked like Lara Croft, especially when I was thinner. And what sealed the deal was when I called Shelly to ask what SHE was going to go rip up Lubbock dressed as. Shockingly enough – as Lara Croft.

So I ended up going to the salvation army and buying a pair of men’s khaki pants and a skintight child’s wraparound, v-neck mint green top. I hacked the legs and waist off the pants to make low-rider shorts, and hacked the short sleeves off the top to make it sleeveless. I then washed them to make the shorts frayed, while I showered and created a gun out of tinfoil and cardboard. I made garters out of electrical tape, tossed a belt and a black CD-carrier fanny pack around my waist, straightened my hair, French-braided it, put on the getup and looked in the mirror…

…and saw a Lara Croft looking back at me. A Lara Croft who obviously needed some more physical training before she could go out and kick ass again, but close enough.

I did my makeup over at another friend’s house, my friend Bhavani, who is on AUS and History Student’s Association with me, and while she put the finishing touches on her Cleopatra costume, I added an extra quarter-inch of eyeliner past the outer corners of my eyes, and put on all-day lip color…and I looked like a video game character.

Off to party. Yes, the costume was easily recognized. I did a few shots of tequila and consumed a couple Long Island iced teas, and ended up crashing at Melissa’s, as did Kristen, around 4am.

Today, a troop of six of us went for all you can eat sushi after we got up. I consumed piles of tuna and salmon sashimi and felt way better. That, and veggie tempura, and miso soup, and agadashi tofu, and the standard California rolls, and the place we go to has neat little grills set into the tables and will bring out plates of finely sliced meats you can cook yourself at them. I won’t need to eat again today after that.

Then we watched Mr. Deeds over at Melissa’s house, and now I’m here. Now I’m going to wrap up what I’m doing (bulletin board cleanoff and tidying the AUSffice, which is, as always, a craphole). Then I’m going to get some coffee and study some more, in my nice clean quad.

CONFIDENTIAL TO THE GALS IN TX: No, he wasn’t at the party. I was horribly disappointed. All that agonizing and hair straightening for nothing…!

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survey SAYS!

Another survey. Thank you,

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Why do I keep getting stupid e-mails informing me that I could be eligible for a US green card lottery? I hate spam. And I especially hate it when it’s POINTLESS like that.

I especially hate the one that says “Monday’s Midterm” and then it’s just a porn ad, with a woman with bad tan lines taking it from behind front and center. Bah.