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the mid-rerun season mostly-new-material-movie

If my life this year was a college dramedy (which, lets face it, it pretty well is…I think I’ll call it “Jillicity”), then the Arts County Fair would be the season finale. The roadtrip to Coachella Mike and I are talking about, if we took a whack of people with us, would be the mid-rerun-season movie. Y’know, the 2 hour mostly-new-with-some-flashbacks made-for-TV-movie spinoff the network randomly throws out in the summer for a popular hour-format show, complete with its own soundtrack.

Hey, jentwo, you may get to meet some of the AUS. Or, at the least, the Texan.

Rewriting San Juan Island Pig War paper now. Must get “A” on this due to fact that it would be disgraceful if I, who grew up IN SIGHT of said islands, did not. Attempting to relate War in general to Ango-American relations and status of Hudson’s Bay Company at the time (them & their overpriced blankets). It’s not enough to say, “American guy shot pig. British angry.” In school, you have to say “American guy shot pig and British used incident to establish jurisdiction over an archipelago of islands, motivated entirely by bitterness”, and then you have to find proof that they were bitter and footnote it.

Oh, and also:


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i just found the drunk bruises from friday

…so I’m going to write the night up.

Friday evening, about, oh, six of us started making condom apparel around 5pm. We have a box of ten thousand condoms in the AUS office from Trojan, who put them all in little paper pouches. So we taped them into long strips and made them into clothing. I had a random-length jagged strips 80’s skirt. Melissa had a shorter skirt and bra. One guy had a kilt. Another had a Roman-style tunic. One girl had a skirt. Another guy just had a belt. You get the idea. Dan’s tunic was actually way cool.

We accessorized with strips of red condoms, against the blue packets. And we loaded up on stick on tattoos with the Arts County Fair logo. And then we set out on the trek across campus for Forestry’s event…Coconut.

Coconut was the very definition of Bad Idea. An all you can drink event? Sure, why not. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough time to get drunk there, but then, suddenly, a Jeep pulled up behind the six of us. It had a couple fratboys in it who wanted condoms. We handed over many, gladly, in exchange for a ride the last four blocks down to the tent in the parking lot with drunk Foresters spilling out of it.

Upon entrance, we were immediately almost mugged. After all, these were drunks, and we were wearing clothes made out of condoms. So we started drinking. And this is where the “drinks in vats” comes in. NEVER AGAIN will I drink anything that comes out of a vat, tub, or Rubbermaid storage box. I asked what the hell was in there yesterday…and someone said something about white rum and froot punch, and likely some Everclear. Triples at least, and I killed three mugs of it in twenty minutes.

It was after we all walked back to the AUS office that I melted down, emotionally, unrelated really. It was enroute from the office to the ski & board club party. Melissa sat with me through it, and then we returned to the party. Only problem is that she’s telling people one of the guys made me cry…and he didn’t…it was just because I’m crazy, really.

But we got through the rest of that party. Melissa and I tattooed every cute boy in the place. We met every male European exchange student possible. We flirted with Australians. We were very popular.

Then the group of us moved on to the Pit, after the ceremonial dancing to “Home for a Rest” (the live band did a decent cover version). That was an even WORSE idea. I wasn’t drinking anymore by that point. I hadn’t been for a while. I was too drunk to drink any more. Thank you, tub-mixed mystery beverage.

After a couple hours dancing at the Pit, Melissa and I left…and got hit on IN THE PARKING LOT, and AT THE PITA PIT and couldn’t make it stop. It’s like, I’m tired now, that’s all very nice…but you’re not cute enough to keep me awake, and not nearly as charming as you think you are.

I’m off to class now. And in three days, it’ll be the Storm the Wall party…*sigh*…

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*sigh*…no one else was determined enough…

I actually left the country when Bush got elected, and I used my tax refund money to do it. So there. And I wouldn’t go back to the States until the NEXT election if I didn’t have a serious relationship there…and a pile of US debt.

As Mike says, at least he’s out of Texas.

college lesson #577

If drinks are being mixed in Tuppermaid storage boxes, and one eyes the mixing (which consisted of the guys in Forestry dumping multiple bottles of alcohol in with minimal froot juice) and comments “This looks like a really bad idea,” it IS a REALLY BAD IDEA.

And to to then drink three mugs of it, is a worse idea. Last bender of the year last night…next week I’m in Victoria, week after is Arts County Fair, and week after that is exams.

Need to go find something to eat now. And coffee. And Advil, because I am going to feel properly “sweatered” in a very short while. Oy.

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filthy Smarch weather!

Almost forgot to say…it’s still snowing here…snowed another 2-3″ here tonight. Snowed all evening. I had to clear my car off twice. It’s stopped, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t come back. If I wasn’t seasonally depressed before, I would be by now.

stop social promotion: don’t elect Dubya

Got last week’s essay on Dubya’s educational program back tonight. A+. Go me.

May miss American Government and Politics class next week to go to a town hall type meeting with Congressman Jay Inslee.
It’s in Kirkland, so at least I could visit that large Texan I used to live with.

I especially like Inslee’s views on Microsoft, and on putting a Japanese-American war memorial on an EPA cleanup site…once it’s cleaned up.

Finally got that &%^$!!! paper in for POLI 240. It was late, but I sacrificed it for the paper on Dubya last week. Obviously.

Sleep now. Sleep good. Sleepy. Had coffee at 9pm, still sleepy.

Oh, and we have 10K condoms in the AUS office now, in preparation for ARTS COUNTY FAIR. 12K more are coming in soon. Melissa got to sign for them. They’re in little envelopes with instructions on the inside, so they have to be shucked before use. Yes, we get 22K condoms in for the ARTS COUNTY FAIR, which is about 3 per pair of campers in attendance. And enough liquor for 1/10 of a keg per person. That’s a SILO OF BEER, remember?

(Yes, I’ll plug the fair every ten minutes if given some way to do it)

And on that night…I’m off to catch some well-earned sleep & dream of clear, bare roads.

heading off to brit nite

taken just before i left, before the snow melted my hair: