Monthly Archives: October 2003


I’m falling asleep at my desk again, mid-salad.

Can’t. Afford. Lack. Of. Focus.
Must. Work. And. Leave. On. Time.
Must. Cash. Cheque. And. Get. Costume. Finished…!

I have been up WAY too late last few nights on various projects. So three nights @ 5 hours – and I’m not in university anymore, and I’m not as young as I used to be, and coffee isn’t helping right now.

Maybe if I just put my head down for a minute on my desk…

horoscopes for Leos

This also applies to nafspeak, cracksmurf, ginamoog, Dan Big Scary Mike and my mom. My life is a lion’s den.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Protected: S2E3: the one in which jillian starts dating again

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I have to admit…I did get a shock of fear when looking at 10 little girls and thinking – what the hell am I supposed to do with these girls, and what do I tell the parents & what forms do I need and can I spend an hour and a half doing stuff with them?

But it went shockingly well & now I’m off to go compile the various functions of my costume into one program.

is this irony?

I, Jillian, who makes a living (in part) sending spam mail…

…just got a spam mail telling me how to stop spam mail.

is that irony or just coincidence?

Protected: *yawn*

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22 is probably too young anyways

Just got home from drinks with the Swiss boy. Who, for the record, is 22. And who I can’t figure out yet – he crossed town looking for my Ultimate game, and then asked me for drinks when he couldn’t find it, but he also didn’t kiss me goodnight (except on the cheeks in Euro-style) or make concrete plans for future dates. He has my phone & e-mail address, and he’ll either call or he won’t. Maybe he’s not that aggressive – or maybe he’s “just not that into me”. Either way, I had a lovely evening, and I learned lots about Switzerland and got to see a Euro-bill. It seems that in my world, even a neutral date (get it? neutral state) can be educational.