does pregnancy make me stupider?

1) Reading the iVillage baby name boards makes my head hurt. Dear people: please stop naming your kids stupid stuff. And stop using last names as first names. And STOP COMING UP WITH WACKY SPELLINGS! “Jaxon” and “Siennekah” are NOT OK.

2) Somehow, a mailing list found out that I am expecting, so I got a copy of “American Baby”. Which came packaged with FOUR parent-targeted brochures, for everything from Fisher Price crap to something that adds fluoride to your baby’s water. For what? The teeth it doesn’t have? I’m sorry, but did I suddenly become susceptible to buying random, unnecessary crap just because I got knocked up? I’m sure a deluge of baby-related junk mail is now imminent until Greendimes can find and kill it all.

3) I’m going to bed now.

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