baby gender discovery

Paul and I were not particularly concerned about our baby’s gender. First of all, neither of us had a preference on what we got, because both sexes have advantages and disadvantages. Second, we were going to get what we got anyways. So long as we got a healthy Critter, we would be happy.

We went in for the super-ultrasound yesterday – the structural one – and were immediately asked if we knew or wanted to know the baby’s sex. I told the tech that was one of the things we were here to find out. And she immediately informed us that it was definitely a boy. No question. There were all the boy parts in question, facing the monitor. Plus, we got to see the 4D imaging ultrasound? (WTF do they call it 4D anyways? I thought the 4th dimension was time. Is my baby defying laws of time & space? Is tesseract imaging next?)

We went through the rest of the ultrasound inspecting various parts of the baby and its habitat. My cervix & uterus are the right size – which, right now, is taking up a major chunk of my abdomen. The baby’s brain, in cross-section, is developing nicely, and his head is the right size. His heart is pumping away, and the bloodflow to his vital organs is healthy and steady. His liver and kidneys are fine. His leg bones are developing nicely – in fact, if anything, they already indicate that he’s going to be tall. And the baby was waving his little legs and arms around, so we got a good look at all his little fingers and toes, and there are 10 of each. The doctor’s final statement was that this is a wonderful looking baby – perfectly, absolutely normal, with nothing at all to worry about.

So that’s it – we’re getting a boy in four months and change. A bouncing baby boy. Who, this week, has just been draining the life out of me – damn kid must be on a growth spurt. For exactly one pound, he demands a lot of energy and food.

Flickr set of ultrasound pictures here:

and YouTube video montage behind the cut:

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