and remember the milk!

I have never been that well organized. I’ve taken stabs at it, over the years, but I just have trouble getting from Point A (my desk) to Point B (finished projects).

That is, until I discovered Getting Things Done. Now I’m a total convert. I used to try to use the Franklin-Covey system, but always fell off the wagon. Seriously. The GTD mentality just works better for me. And it’s free! No more $70 refills for a planner! GTD is a lot of the reason I got a raise last year, because it helped me pull my act together.

The only problem I have is applying the mindsweep so I remember to do things at home. I never remember to open a notebook, or bring it with me. My friend Heather does that, carrying her GTD notebook with her everywhere. Nor could I use my Google Notebook very organized, because it wasn’t as conducive to lists as I’d like it to be. Plus, I couldn’t get at it from my BlackBerry. Stupid Javascript.

Then, today, Lifehacker featured a link to a blog entry on Remember the Milk. I’d tried Remember the Milk before, but it didn’t work for me for a bunch of reasons. Until I added in lists for the GTD contexts, plugged it into my gCalendar and Google start page widget list, and found that their mobile interface is perfect on my CrackBerry.

I immediately transferred all the actions on my gNotebook to the RTM lists. Now I just have to execute. But it’s way easier to remember the milk when you can access the list via WAP on a mobile browser.

I’ll hammer at it for a while and see how it works, and if I’m really able to use everything the site has to offer. But if you’re looking for more GTD-related solutions, I got your GTD right here. It saved my ass, and now I’m totally obsessed with it.

Coming soon: my Google tools hacks for applying GTD using Google Notebook and Calendar and gMail. But RTM may replace the notebook in it. We’ll see.

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