and now, some questions and answers!

And now…a snapshop of my life in question and answer format:

Q: Did you have to pay double rent on your old room for January? Or did you find someone to take your place at the Surf Shack?
A: Yes, we found a really nice girl to take my place. In fact, Andrew thanked me today for finding a “cool, non-psychotic roomate” for him, as she’s been there for a week now and they’re all getting used to each other. The new girl works for an environmental consulting firm, also goes to Bar Sinister on occasion, and loves to bake, so I figured she’d fit right in. Also, she was willing to write me a check for deposit, so I was very happy to take it.

Q: Are you even going out AT ALL anymore, or are you and the beloved staying in like lame married people?
A: We’re going out. It’s just unremarkable because we only go to the same clubs that we really like, and there’s no longer Adventures in Clubland. Instead of going out and gathering hilarious anecdotes of, say, getting really hammered and making out with some Australian that ends up getting arrested in a barfight later that night (December, 2003, Vancouver) or going out and flirting with stereotypes that can be mocked later on (July, 2004, Los Angeles), I’m going out and getting slightly tipsy and flirting with my own boyfriend. NO ONE wants to hear about that, because it’s sickeningly sweet. And it’s just lame to tell a story about how I went to a bar and ended up contact-dancing and making out with some guy and then went home with him when I live with him anyways.

Also, I’ve realized I hate “normal” bars. We were at Nicks on 3rd on Saturday, for a friend of friend’s birthday, and all the people in there seemed under 25, and I felt old and frumpy, out of fashion and, well, invisible. It was crowded and someone was playing 50 Cent on the jukebox and, well, it just wasn’t any fun. I’d’ve rather gone to Disko Nekro, which re-opened on the 13th.

Q: But what happened to all the other stuff you were doing last year?
A: Well, let’s see. I quit kickball after three seasons, because I needed those evenings at home in between nights in Pasadena, and couldn’t dedicate myself to the sport anymore. I stopped going to CODEPINK because they were going outside the bounds of just protesting Iraq, and I wasn’t as into it anymore. I fell out of habit of the bike rides, because I was always tired on Fridays and just wanted to watch TV with my boyfriend. And finally, I closed ranks and got all introverted because I needed more sleep, and more rest, and I just couldn’t do all that AND do well at work. So, really, I chose to spend more time pulling my life together and less time doing stuff with other people…and it actually worked out pretty well. I put the extra energy into my work and got a great review and a raise. I spent time with Paul and ended up with a very solid relationship. I started spending evenings at home working on projects and keeping my room organized instead of just letting clutter pile up and my projects gather dust. In short, while I miss all the other stuff – giving it up last year was what I needed to do at the time. Now that I’m living with my boyfriend, I have more flexibility in my life. Maybe I’ll pick up some more extracurriculars again.

Q: How IS the new place, out in Si-Fi?
A: The new place RULES. It’s almost all fixed up and unpacked, too. We’re still a little cluttery, but as we get organized, the last of the boxes are going away, and more items are appearing in their place. We were even able to have people over for dinner on Saturday to show off. And we have so much space, and all these rooms, and it’s just a beautiful apartment to come home to every day.

Q: Shouldn’t you be on your way to that geek dinner by now?
A: Yeah, I should be. G’night everybody!

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