monday snippets

for the UBC people:
All the kids are using TrekConnect. You can find me on there at my hotmail address (jillian (underscore) tate (at) hotmail (dot) com).

snakes on a muthafuckin’ plane!
My AE just brought in a Snakes on a Plane poster with which to adorn the office. That’s just AWESOME.

non-resident evil countdown
I took my cat to the traveling vet at Centinela Pet and Feed on Saturday. Poor Evil. He got carsick, like most cats do, and threw up. It was just bile and water, no actual food chunks, but he was not happy when I pulled him out of a puddle of cold liquid at the pet store. I mopped him up while we were in lineup, and ended up with twenty-two pounds of fat and fur clinging to me and crying. I was coated in fur and the contents of Evil’s digestive system by the end of it, but he got his certificate. And I only had to say about TEN TIMES that yes, he IS a large cat! But he was like that when we got him! I am not a bad parent! In fact, I think I’m ready to be a mommy now because I was able to handle a crying twenty-pound beast covered in its own bodily fluids without getting nauseous myself.

Evil goes to Seattle on Saturday, of course. I’m going to miss him. Dreadfully.

worst. science. ever.
Using my courtesy MovieBeam box (they’re a client of mine, so I got a free box), I watched “A Sound Of Thunder” this weekend. I love Ray Bradbury, and I thoroughtly enjoyed the original short story, and I get no end of entertainment out of the Simpsons episode based on the Twilight Zone episode based on the Bradbury story, so I couldn’t stay away from the movie.

Although, really, I should have. It’s really bad when Futurama has better science than a major motion picture. And it’s even worse when a movie keeps changing their own science. The boyfriend pointed out that one of the things about bad sci-fi is that you can make up your own science, but you should at least be consistent in your bad science.

Also, the CGI was god-AWFUL. If they’d just stuck to the original story, it probably would have been a fantastic movie; as it was, I want to bitch-slap the screenwriters even more than I do the jackasses who wrote the X3 dialogue.

We procured tickets for HEX HOLLYWOOD last night by going to Malediction Society and getting pre-sale tickets. I really like going to Malediction Society. It’s labeled as steampunk and Neo-Victorian, but after all, Diamond Age is one of my favorite books. The DJs play more techno-industrial and synthpop music, and I hear a higher percentage of my favorite artists, which makes me happier on the dance floor. The decor is more Victoriana-goth – red walls, gargoyles, candleabras, black gauze draping, and the outfits fall more into the neo-classical goth look as well. I like the aesthetics of the evening very very much, and that’s why I jumped on the presale tickets as an excuse to go. And even though we had to leave early so I could get up for work this morning, the boyfriend and I still got in an hour and a half at the club, on the dance floor, and outside on the rooftop open area talking.

But I’m also way psyched for Hex. THAT is going to be the event of the year, I think. I will be a wreck on Wednesday, but like today, it’ll be worth it. Now that I have a pre-sale ticket in my hand, I’m even MORE excited.

another week in the life of jillian
I had a slow week last week – no scheduled extracurriculars, and very little scheduled socializing. This week, I’m seeing the DaVinci code with a friend tonight, and have Hex Hollywood to go to tomorrow. There’s kickball on Wednesday, a vendor in town for dinner on Thursday, and MIDNITE RIDAZZ on Friday. Saturday is kickball regionals, all day, and Sunday…well, by then I’ll be tired, and will just want to spend the day watching movies out in Pasadena all day.

But for now, I really should be busy working.

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