Happy National Day of Slayer! everyone! Because it is 6-6-6, goths and metalheads everywhere are celebrating. This means it is also National Emo Kid Beatdown Day, because none of us like emo kids.

I, myself, am sitting at work in a black top and dark blue jeans, but as soon as it gets dark, I’m putting on my black bustier top and long lace skirt and traiping off to Hex Hollywood with the boyfriend and a couple of our other friends. Well, right after I see the ever-satanic DaVinci Code movie, with my friend Kate, which I’m sure will be evil just because of Tom Hanks’ haircut.

Ironically enough, I’m totally unable to take this holiday seriously because the Western calendar is so inaccurate. We have no way of knowing what date it really is, because the actual dates were confused, the days miscounted, the count lost, so many times in the Dark Ages. It could be 6/7/08 for all we know right now. I certainly think it’s hilarious that we’re celebrating 6-6-6 by beating up on emo kids, but I’m not going to assign any actual mystical significance to the day. Also, my horoscope said NOTHING about Armageddon happening today, and Georgia is rarely wrong.

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