you’re living in you own private idaho

Or, in my case, my own version of L.A. I’m really trying to live in more of a Los Angeles Below here. My version of Los Angeles has hordes of joyful cyclists riding through the city on Fridays. My city includes a community farm that feeds families in South Central. My city includes all the people on the Metro system, and all the lunatics at Venice Beach. My Los Angeles includes a lot of things that don’t really register in the mass consciousness as being part of this city.

And I’m trying to post more on so I can reflect more of that this week. Tomorrow AM on, look for the writeup of L.A. Critical Mass last Friday, or, as I called it, “ADVENTURES IN SOUTHCENTRAL!” Wednesday, you will all be able to read about Charles Phoenix’ RETRO DISNEYLAND SLIDESHOW. Thursday…I’ll come up with something. I have faith in my ability to find things to talk about!

But right now, my city also includes my bed, and I’m going to go sleep in it. G’night everybody!

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