hist-o-tainment is SO a word!

Last night, at Souplantation with the boyfriend and his friends, I was going through the Random Papers Shoved Into The Back Of My Purse…and found a leaflet for the Charles Phoenix Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles.

One of the girls looked up and mentioned that she’d always wanted to see a Charles Phoenix slideshow, but hadn’t been yet. And then the question came up: “what exactly IS Charles Phoenix?”

I quoted my own post on Blogging.LA and referred to him as a “civic treasure” until I somehow came up with the right term. “He’s a HIST-O-TAINER!” I exclaimed.

“Is that even a WORD?”

“It is now!”

Post on the RETRO DISNEYLAND SLIDESHOW is now up on Blogging.LA. I was somewhat disappointed that the slideshow mostly pre-dated PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, but unfortunately, Kodachrome was out of vogue by the time that wench auctions came in.

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