oh, twenty-five…

I’m not so old that I need guys to think they’re complimenting me by telling me I look younger. I’m not thirty.


(from 09/20/03)

On the flip side:

I’m going to go sing to myself a little song about how I only have to work in the bottom-feeding part of this industry for another ten to twelve months, and then I’m going to go get a real job. I want to go do online media buys for an advertising agency, not a marketing company. I want to accomplish branding through media buys, not just slap them wherever. I’ve always been really into marketing through effective brand management.
(from 09/23/03)

Oh, and a month after I posted that, the nice folks at Avenue A said this about me when they rejected me for a job:

“..a dynamic young lady with a real go getter personality who will go far in her career.”

Given that my ambition right now is to be one of their biggest threats on the West Coast, in terms of making whoever I’m working for a seriously competitive agency, I’d say that they had some insight there. Even at the risk of ego.

I should be writing a powerpoint towards that end.

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