Ben is getting his first tooth: his bottom right front tooth. And while some of the time he doesn’t seem to notice it, it has cranked his grumpiness up several notches. When he notices the pain, he gets VERY crabby about it, and not even an ice filled teething toy can soothe him. I finally gave him some infant Tylenol this evening, which settled him down, and made him all smiley again.

We think this may be his response to our constant refrain of, “you can eat it when you get teeth!”. Ben is always expressing interest in what we’re eating, and we always tell him, “no, Ben, you can’t have [food name here]! That requires teeth!” So now he went and grew himself a tooth. Way to go, little boy.

Other than that, we just spent the last hour packing up all Ben’s stuff for daycare. For an eighteen pound baby boy, he sure requires a lot of equipment – and it all has to be labeled and organized. The full list is behind the cut, just for you moms who may want to know how much stuff it takes to send your six month old off to what we’re calling “camp”.

Insulated Avent bottle bag containing:
Three “Dr Brown” type bottles with breast milk
One “Medella” brand bottle with breast milk for cereal

Graco Zippered diapered bag containing:
Three extra “Dr Brown” nipples in separate Ziploc bag
One “Playtex Nurser” bottle (for formula)
Two extra “Playtex Nurser” nipples in separate ziploc
50 extra “Playtex Nurser” drop-ins in separate ziploc
One (refillable) box “Seventh Generation” wipes
One refill package of wipes
One tube “Butt Paste” diaper rash ointment
Changes of clothes (in separate labeled Ziploc bags)
One pair “Robeez” shoes
2 pairs socks
2 bibs
One vial infant Tylenol for teething pain

Smaller Graco diaper bag containing:
One soft cotton toy by Raplapla (“Monsieur Tse-Tse”)
One white-and-yellow cotton blanket with duck print

Black tote bag containing
One 27oz can “Good Earth” brand formula
Two boxed “Good Earth” brand rice cereal
8 jars “Good Earth” brand sweet potatoes
4 jars “Good Earth” brand carrots
4 jars “Good Earth” brand bananas
4 jars “Good Earth” brand apples
4 jars “Good Earth” brand pears

Ben should do fine at daycare. He always stops and looks at other babies when he sees them go by – on the street, in the store, wherever. We go to the grocery store, and he will stop and stare and occasionally grin at other babies and toddlers. He is a sociable guy. I’m expecting that he’ll have a great time playing with all the new toys and socializing with all the other babies and new caretakers. I’m still upset that he has to go to daycare – that we can’t be home with him all the time – but I feel better about it because I think he’ll enjoy it. Provided, of course, he is not in too much pain from teething.

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