something that made my afternoon

Today, I went down to the local Chipotle to pick up the burrito-in-a-bowl (just the insides, no flour tortilla) that I ordered over the Intarweb. There was a boy standing at the pickup window – a cute boy with shaggy brown hair, bright blue eyes, perfect pale skin and stubble. Who smiled and started chatting with me. Being unsure if he was even over eighteen, I asked if he worked around here. Office errand boy, TV trailer production around the corner. So at least he wasn’t one of the local high school kids.

Very small talk was made for a couple minutes, and then he picked up his bags and was leaving, when he turned around and said, “I wanted to tell you…I think you’re really pretty.”

I was so flattered, I grinned, and told him I thought he was a really cute guy. And he blushed, and said “see you around,” and left.

I think part of this was that I look about 22 today. I’m wearing a blue T-shirt that has Hello Kitty on a bike, that says “velo kitty” on it, over a longsleeved grey top, with jeans and sneakers and a Polarfleece vest for a jacket. I’m not wearing a scrap of makeup, and have white/green striped knockoff adidas sneakers on. I LOOK like an early twentysomething Vancouver bike punk, which is what I guess I am at heart, rather than a twenty-eight year old Beverly Hills office worker. Hence, getting scammed on by a pretty 20 year old. Maybe I need to start rethinking how people see me in terms of what I feel like, rather than what I look like.

That totally just made my afternoon though. I’m still grinning – and it gives me a great story to tell my girls tonight.

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