general public service myspace related announcement

The other night, I received an email from some random kid on MySpace. As we all know, this isn’t unusual: I get random email from 21 year olds ALL THE TIME.

However, this one read as follows:

    What’s up ‘july19’?

    Dare I ask if that password is, simplicity speaking, the day of your birthday? … anyway….

    I was checking out your messages and… HILARIOUS

    “Do you like younger guys?” “You have such a great smile.”

    Oh man… worst pick up lines EVER. Funny when some guys leave their phone numbers, though.

    Did your tarot cards say I’d be reading your myspace messages like the Americans after intercepting the Zimmerman Note (there’s some history for you)?

    Have fun with that marketing thing.

Uh-huh. I wrote back in light spirits, concealing my indignation until I found out how this punk-ass cracker got into my account.

    Yeah… I didn’t hack something wireless from illinois to get your password. Actually, there’s a website (which I will not be giving out) that publically lists over 1000’s of myspace login’s and passwords. You were some how added to this website.

So there you have it. Someone out there is a tacky, ill-mannered jerk. I mean, WHY WOULD ANYONE COMPILE THAT KIND OF WEBSITE? What possible good could it do to publicly post other people’s logins and passwords? What kind of socially retarded, lifeless loser would do that for MYSPACE, a social networking site, which isn’t even real email, or banking, or something that might, conceivably, have some hack value?

And really – how little is there to do in Illinois that this particular 21 year old wannabe cracker needed to entertain himself going through a complete stranger’s emails? You’d think, in America’s exhibitionist culture, there would be enough dramatic material on TV and in blogs to fill that sense of voyeuristic entitlement.

So there’s the warning:

I had to change passwords in multiple places, myself. I used ‘july19’ (my birthday, minus a month, as to not be TOO obvious) on lesser security accounts. Monster. Myspace. Friendster. Et al. I use more complex logins on blog sites and on e-mail, and especially for online banking and credit card sites, but that will learn me to not change my passwords. For an internet veteran like me, this is inexcusable, and I only admit to it as a lesson.

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