ways to help

Before Larry King runs his CNN special tonight on ways to help, I’d like to suggest a couple.

1. A friend’s family live in North Louisiana, and their local Red Cross is trying to raise $400,000. If they can hit that target, the US government will match it, and the funds will go to help the people they’re sheltering.


American Red Cross
Northeast Louisiana Chapter
414 Breard Street
Monroe, LA 71201

2. I’m setting up a website at bikeforkatrina.org. I’m going to cross my existing fuck-you-car-culture attitude with relief for the people in a city I loved. Goal is for people to use alternative transportation and donate what they’ve saved (especially with fuel crisis pricing) to the relief efforts. Have I thought this project through? Of course not. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. So anyone who has a clue how I can set up a blog, a bulletin board, and a savings calculator tied to national fuel prices, please contact me. I used to HTML code for a living, but I’m going to need help to put this together.

(Don’t worry – I’m not THAT unselfish – I’m going to use my ten miles a day to lose twenty pounds & train for the LA to San Diego run that we’re doing with public transportation and bikes later this fall. And it gives me one hell of an excuse to get the street slick tires and gel seat on my bike)

One response to “ways to help

  1. # 2 is a great idea!!!!!! I am not sure how you would put it together, but I will start thinking.

    I love that Snow Patrol song BTW!!!

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