when i get the time…

As soon as possible, I am going to write up and post about the seminar I went to yesterday: Life After Peak Oil: Solutions for a Post-Carbon World. The world is going to change, y’all. And we’re probably not going to restructure American society fast enough to keep up with it.

Anyways, a lot of what I learned tied in nicely with Jared Diamond’s Collapse, about societal destruction being caused by ineffecient use of resources. And I have so much to say about this, but it’s a nice day in West L.A. and I intend to go ride my bike to the beach and think about all this for a while. It isn’t just oil: other things are being ineffeciently used and depleted as well. Topsoil and arable land. Clean water. Things like that. How is it possible to stop all this before it totally implodes?

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