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new year’s eve: a ridiculousness scale

Let’s look at the last partial-decade of New Years Eve’s:

2002 into 2003: The Last UBC NYE
Rampaged through a few parties around Kitsilano with my college friends, drunk on tequila and 7up (IT WAS COLLEGE).
Met suiichiban at a party at the “Animal House” (and happy belated birthday Stephen!!)
Ridiculousness Quotient: 9 out of 10

2003 into 2004: It’s Someone’s Wedding
Went to Kristen’s (who was a friend through chuckyx) wedding (now a divorce) out in Surrey.
Up all night due to early AM flight out of Sea-Tac the next day
Ridiculousness Quotient: 3 out of 10

2004 into 2005: Vegas, Baby, Vegas
Was at a resort-casino party in the Vegas suburbs with my friend Deena, thanks to free admission from her aunt.
Party not as much fun as immediately preceding roadtrip along Old 66, so I made up for it by getting stupid drunk. Bad idea.
Ridiculousness Quotient: 7 out of 10.

2005 into 2006: A Burbank New Year’s
Went to karaoke bar in Burbank, followed by house party at a friend’s then boyfriend’s apartment nearby.
Quiet, friend-centered evening.
Ridiculousness Quotient: 6 out of 10, but instead, a solid night.

2006 into 2007: Theatre des Wyrm
Went to a DJ Xian production New Year’s Eve party with Paul, the then-boyfriend (but soon to be fiance.)
Danced, consumed glass of absinthe, got to spend night at goth party.
Ridiculousness Quotient: 7 out of 10, but only because of the absinthe

2007 into 2008: Pregnancy Makes Me Tired
Stayed home. Friends who were supposed to stop by never did. Waited up for them until exhausted; fell asleep. Unable to drink due to incubating baby.
Ridiculousness Quotient: 0 out of 10

2008 into 2009: The First Married NYE
Spent quiet evening at home with husband.
Broke out last bottle of champagne from our wedding, and toasted our first New Year’s as husband and wife.
Mocked everyone on the live feed from Times Square.
Had extremely quiet, but romantic, evening.
Ridiculousness Quotient: 3 out of 10