hello toronto!

I hadn’t planned on visiting the homeland soon after my return from Orlando, but here I am, at YYZ, on an UP train into town. Unfortunately, it isn’t under positive circumstances. Just before she was scheduled to fly to NYC and travel with us to DisneyWorld, my mother shattered her lower leg in a compound fracture, rendering her immobile. She’s been in a rehabilitation facility doing physio and practicing getting around on her weight bearing leg. I’m up here to visit her. And I’m specifically here today because my sister is moving houses and needs some backup.

In the interest of Mom’s privacy, I won’t go into details on her injury and recovery, save to say that it is severe. I’m fortunate right now in that I can work remote from Toronto for the week so I can be with my family for any support I can give. While this trip definitely wasn’t planned, I’m grateful I could take it. And even though the circumstances are far from ideal, I’m also grateful for the extra time with the people I love.

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