hello, spring!

Over the weekend at Frost Valley, the spring thaw began. Instead of the snow we expected, it began to rain. I heard the water begin running through the forest, little rivers and waterfalls throughout the campus. It reminded me of the part in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where the sound of running water means of White Witch’s spell is breaking. It’s not a thaw. It’s spring.

The days are getting longer. It’s still light when I come home. I can feel my brain re-adjusting to natural light.

The air is going to be warmer. It’s chilly and bright today, but not with the same edge of Winter.

I only have five weeks of travel to New Jersey. Effective April 1st, my time on that client is done, and I return to my Midtown office, with all my coworkers – not as a lonely lone wolf on site at the client all day. And I’ll be able to ride my bike to work again because I can safely park it in the office there.

I’ll also be able to run outside again. My asthma prevents me from running in the cold, but as soon as it’s in the mid-40s, I can run without my lungs seizing up. Running in the park is like multitasking cardio endorphins and forest bathing in one 45 minute loop.

There is so much to look forward in the every day of Spring. I’m so happy its sunny today. I’m so happy the end of Winter is coming.

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