top eight things I really want to discuss at the expat party

Tonight is the Canadian Association of New York party at the Canadian owned Dirt Candy.  This is a restaurant that usually hosts informal Canada nights on Mondays anyways, so this just seems to be a super-sized one.  I am very much looking forward to spending time with other Canadians.  I’m going on my own, assuming once I get there, as I am at any Canadian expat bar, I’ll be welcomed.  Still, to ensure I do not backtrack into my socially awkward self, I’ve come up with a list of conversation starters that aren’t the deep, serious discussion of Socialism vs. Capitalism and Common Good vs. Individualism that I’d love to have with anyone else living here.

8.  Did any of us know as kids that the Man in Motion song is actually the theme song to St Elmos Fire and not just Rick Hansen’s theme song?

My husband failed to get my reaction of OMG RICK HANSEN this last time we heard this song in a bar.  I TOLD HIM SO.

7. WTF is with softwood lumber trading being a thing again?  Is this, much like Chinese steel, something Trump used himself to build his hotels and then decided to heavily tariff once he didn’t need to purchase it anymore?

6. If the crappy American bands are doing shows, like Better than Ezra opening for Counting Crows, why isn’t there a tour with the CLEARLY SUPERIOR Canadian bands of the same era? Actually, where are Our Lady Peace these days, anyways?


6. We are all still sad about Gord.

Canada literally shut down when Gord Downie died.  

5. So when someone says “lovers”, every Canadian’s knee jerk reaction is to say OH IN  A DANGEROUS TIME, right?

4. Alias Grace.  Wasn’t it an outstanding interpretation of the book?  How did it manage to be both psychologically disturbing and aesthetically beautiful at the same time?  Do we think Netflix will make anything as good with the $500M they’re investing in Canadian content?

3. Also in Canadian made TV…how the hell did Heritage Minutes beat out Degrassi on the Canadian most memorable TV brackets?

2. Why exactly are we all still in this country, run by a madman, where individualism and individual rights are prized more highly than the common good?  Have we not all considered going home to Canada, where our laws function on the side of greater society, and where our Prime Minister tries to set a positive tone to unite, not divide, the country? Oh, wait, I totally meant to NOT get into this…

  1. Seriously…the Most Memorable TV Thing!



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